Exceptional Ear Plug Design and Styles

Ear plugs are available in a number of different types of materials such as stainless steel, UV, anodized and lots more. Piercebody.com offers the best price compared to other body jewelry supplier. Ear plug is used for the purpose of enlarging the piercing hole that is created by traditional means. The process of enlarging is done by gently stretching of the micro tear tissue. A newly created hole with the help of the micro tears is kept open for proper healing and recovering of tissue. Once the micro tears are healed the process of enlarging can be repeated until it fits the required size. This ear plugs jewelry can give you more fashionable look. These tunnels are made up of different types of materials such as UV, glass, silicon and much more.

Experimenting with your piercing can be overwhelming, yet lets you add an oomph factor to your style quotient. Piercing is very creative and at the same time brings about boldness in the personality. It lets you look trendy and funky and helps you stand out in the crowd.

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Exceptional Ear Plug Design and Styles


Silicone Ear Plug

We have a wide range of 18 gauge ear rings available to meet all your demands. These are made from silicone ear plugs to fit perfectly in your ear and come with an embossed aqua star. The silicone material molds well on your ear and is available in gauge sizes from a wide range to make it easier for you to pick. With its funky design and brings out the playful side of the wearer.

Silicone ear plug sets are a breakthrough in the fashion industry. They were initially considered as strictly Gothic, punk or emo. And in recent times these types of piercings have slowly become widely accepted and extremely desirable.  Nowadays these ear plugs have become a fashion statement and a growing trend. It beautifies its own addition silicone spiky. These silicone ear plugs are the traditional kick-off to the online holiday shopping season.

Surgical Steel Ear Plugs

This surgical steel is a typical type of stainless steel which helps in avoiding allergies. Surgical steel Ear Plug tunnels are made up of 316L stainless steel and don’t cause any kind of allergies. This is one of the safest and most common types of metal that can be used for body piercing. This surgical steel is available for preparing ear plugs, flesh tunnels, and the expanders. This is quite safe for the people those who wish to opt for body piercing for the first time. The surgical steel tunnels, plugs, and expanders are very much skin-friendly. It also doesn’t cause any sort of irritation to the skin.

Anodized Ear Plug

In the race to look distinct and create new style statements, piercings and different types of jewels covering the piercings have become quite common. For people who have extremely flexible fashion needs, Anodized ear plugs can be pretty conducive. These ear jewelry are fit to be used in the ears. They come with screws, plugs which can be moderated based on use or convenience. It also available in the form of anodized threaded tunnels and anodized spiral ear plugs. They are available in some really striking colors which can catch hold of people’s attention instantly. In addition, an individual can identify best plugs, tunnels, and expanders based on convenience and budget.

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Wood Plugs

Are you unhappy with your ear size and are constantly looking for ways to give your ear a tapered look without much effort? Then this wood ear plug is just the right thing you should be investing on. This is a screw fit wood plug which is made from the surgical steel and comes with UV material. The UV material reacts under the UV light and giving out a low light of its own, thus making sure you grab all the eyeballs no matter which party you are at. These are available at great prices and discounts, and also make for good gift items. This body jewelry beautifies its own addition. Wood Ear Plugs are the traditional kick-off to the shopping season. Our style features the flirty as well as the feminine look for this piercing.

UV Ear Plugs

As the craze for piercing increases the need for creativity increases too. Ear Plugs, expanders, and tunnels are added attraction to the piercing jewelry. They are smooth and sleek to use and come in multi stone designs. They are also perfect for enhancing the ear piercing. These are available in beautiful colors, designs and trendy patterns like fleshy and hollow tunnels.

The glittering UV ear piercings have taken the body jewelry market by storm. Since the time it was introduced in the market, it became an instant hit and gained rapid popularity among the buyers. The major highlight of UV ear plug body jewelry items is that it glitters under sunlight and also under the disco lights. Piercebody brings a wide array of such glittering ear piercings in the forms of ear stretchers, ear plugs, ear expanders and hoops. Innovative and interesting the UV plugs and expanders are hugely popular among the teenagers because they make you look bold. Have an individualistic style statement with one of the glittering pieces.

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Double Flared Ear Plug Design

The first thing which comes to mind when mentioned about the double flared ear plugs is a steel jeweled fan ear tunnel. They are known for their patterns and have an amazing look. Piercebody.com double flared ear plug has the wonderful 316l surgical steel ear tunnel in a display case of 68 pieces with the smallest size to the largest (3mm to 24mm).

Multi Jeweled Ear Plug

Silicon ear plug is also are multi jeweled ear plug, ultra-comfortable and flexible. They are light weight; extremely versatile to use for all occasions! This is an exquisite style because the piece is not only a multi jeweled but the ear flesh tunnels also change color in the sunlight. We have a total set of unique organic ear plugs. We sell 100% organic ear plugs! Our ear plugs show case a trendy and natural set of organic ear plugs

Fake Ear Plug

This year, the most trending design is a fake ear plug in black. Seems, the trend is gone absurd. As it was mentioned earlier that at the start of the year Fake Plug Ear wouldn’t be a follow up of the trend or the latest fashion in white or black fake plug. The fashion can rotate its style any time it wants!

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Where to Buy Ear Plugs

Piercebody.com falls to be an extraordinary “online body jewelry store” or we’re also known as the one of the most leading and popular body piercing jewelry distributor, manufacturer as well as retailers. They have 24/7 online web store which creates an ambiance and gives you enough time to shop for a particular product to massive items. Get yourself a great makeover with body modification jewelry at Piercebody.com. Our body jewelry store is known for the best for the ear plugs web jewelry, whether it’s a material of a 316l surgical steel, anodized ear plug, silicone or more!

Check out our collection of ear plug body jewelry. Also, Screw-Fix Flesh Tunnels Ear Plugs, Ear Expanders, Tapers, Stretcher, ear plugs tunnel body piercing jewelry and a lot more! You can also find at factory price.


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