Luxurious Ear Piercing Jewelries: Plugs, Tunnels and Expanders

Luxurious tunnels and plugs are universally used for stretching body jewelry and hundreds of inquiries are received asking about its availability. Body Jewelry enhancements are very popular which leads to a fantastic visual impact. – Largest Online Body Jewelry Manufacturer


We make sure that all the ear piercing jewelry are individually shaped, measured and smoothed. We provide the best and trendiest of the plugs, tunnels, and expanders that make your body look even hotter. With an array of choices and varieties available on our website, you always have a fantastic shopping experience. The attention grabbing products linked on this website makes you go even crazier. It also highlights the best in you. Even style icons and celebrities are smitten by it., one of the leading body jewelry stores provides a fascinating piercing jewelry. It has its remarkable style in an earring, belly button ring belly skull, labrets, eyebrow rings, nose studs, tongue bars and more!

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Popular Types of Ear Piercing


Ear Stretcher

We have wholesale ear stretchers in many other metal materials and type. Also, we start with introducing our organic ear stretchers and these two stands to be one of the most leading and popular in our body piercing jewelry store. sells the ear stretchers in 28mm. They also offer an Anodized Screw Fit Ear Flesh Tunnel.  The entire piece is nickel free and they captivate an inspiring style piece of its own.


Ear Plug

Ear plugs are comfortable and extremely flexible with their size ranging from 5mm to 24m. However, there is various other ear piercing styles of ear plug or ear tunnels. Ear plugs in 5mm are just a perfect size flesh tunnels for anyone to find the ear plugs collections in any material.




Our body jewelry store has a variety of tribal plugs from screw fit flesh tunnel to double flared. We have an assortment of a tribal ear expander of 20mm.


owl tunnel



Ear tapers jewelry black straight barbell comes in a range of different materials; steel, acrylic plugs and tapers, glass. Only the 2mm tunnel and plugs come in Silicone.


Gauge brings the ecstatic style of ear gauges in 10mm. The size of an ear piercing gauge in 10mm stands to be the most outstanding barbell.  Our body piercing jewelry store is currently bringing the marvelous pieces of an ear flesh tunnel 10mm gauges. We bring the stylish pattern which will brighten your style. They are the high set quality of 316l surgical steel and UV.

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