How to Look Stunning with These Different Ear Jewelry Type

Ear piercing has been made very joyful and attractive with this new different ear jewelry types.

Common Ear Jewelry Type


Ear Plug

UV Smiley Piercing

This screw type tunnel piercings are double flared and made of UV materials. It is safe for skin use and has flexibility and long shelf life. It can also be a visual treat when worn to clubs, parties, discotheques and family events. They are available from 4mm to 24 mm in sizes. These smiley piercings have the smiley logo drawn on the visual surface of the jewel. Hence it is a real mood enhancer and is very cheap. It is also suitable for gifting friends and loved ones and by people who are very bold and expressive.

UV Magnetic Body Rings

Ear piercing with this new range of magnetic body rings is unique and easy to use. They have made body piercing simply. These body jewels are made up of pure UV material which glows in the dark when worn at parties, clubs, and discotheques. They have the form of two separate cones with a magnetic center point.

Magnetic body rings are safe for human wear and tear and are cheap and have a long life with regular usage. They have the two cones which can be pierced by joining them together through the pierced ear and have a grand visual appeal. They can be worn by both the sexes.

Double Flared Swirl Logo Ear Plug

Double Flared Swirl Logo Ear Plug is a product material of UV, while UV Multi Jeweled Ear Flesh Tunnel in Glue Setting. Different variety of colors from Clear, AB, Aqua, Lavender, Pink, Fuchsia, Red, Dark Blue, Peridot, Emerald Green, and Purple to Blue Zircon is available.  It is also available in different metal material of flesh tunnels

ear gauge

Gauge Ear Jewelry Type

Gauge ear jewelry is the latest fad in the fashion industry these days. The exact dimension of this gauge is 10mmx12mmx12mm. This is why it is often rightly called as heavy gauge body jewelry too.

Our range of gauge body jewelry comes in a variety of colors and is even available in mix colors. It is mix matching that will never go out of fashion. The straight barbells in gauges use to be as ear piercing or tongue piercing. These are UV body jewelry that reacts under the UV light, thus making it a must have.


Fan Ear Flesh Tunnel

The newest selection of ear jewelry type is a moving fan ear tunnel. It is also known as Double Flared Jeweled Spinning Pin Wheel Ear Tunnel with an internally screw type. These flesh tunnels have the size available from 10mm to 25mm and 8mm to 20mm.

Blackline Threaded Ear Flesh Tunnel

Get obsessed with the season’s newest and most stylish body piercing jewelry known as the saw black tunnel.  It is a highly polished external screw type with the quality of 316l surgical steel.

This Blackline Saw wheel flesh tunnel is produced from 316L surgical grade stainless steel. It features a striking double ended Saw Wheel design that benefits from a two piece design. It has also a rear rim being precision threaded for a comfortable secure fit. It’s available in two colors and is an eye catching and an unusual piece.

Single Stone Screw Fit Flesh Tunnel

The beautiful piece of Screw Fit Flesh Tunnel has an external screw type in 316L Surgical steel. It is a 14mm Single Stone Screw Fit UV Flesh Tunnel with the internal thread type in a metal material of UV. This extra ordinary body jewelry piece is very rare to find but it is available in our body jewelry store.

ear tunnel


These small expanders are the best size for starting your ear lobe piercing stretching journey.

Marble Ear Expander

Find a fantastic style with the premiere source of UV from our body jewelry store. The Marble ear jewelry type of ear expander is available in a different selection of choices. You can check the different colors in blue, purple, or orange and in many other colors.

Tribal Acrylic Expander

The tribal surgical steel screw fit ear tunnel. Find the largest tribal acrylic ear expander only at our body piercing jewelry store!

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