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Elegant, beautiful, extraordinary and stylish! These are the perfect words to describe the ear gauges. They also stand to be the best body jewelry to create a powerful style statement and you can easily glamorize yourself using them. Perhaps, these ear gauges are highly sought after for the stretched ears 0 gauge tunnels silicone plugs. Plus, the ear gauges are available in a wide range of alternatives for ear gauge jewelry.

Rainbow Hexagon Ear Flesh Tunnel 

There are the tunnel gauges, the 28mm stretchers that are quite popular amidst the women, especially the ones looking for a body jewelry to uplift their personality. However, these ear gauges are available different shapes, sizes and designs. 3 mm plugs

Blackline Screw Fit Ear Flesh Tunnel

They’re cheap ear gauge plugs, funk ear plugs. They’re another important type of body jewelry that is available in various materials. You can easily find ear plugs for sale in bulk in our store, including the ear gauge size 10 plugs up to size 30 ear gauges.2 gauge

The organic plugs are generally made up of materials like wood, buffalo horn, stone or coral ear plugs. You will find all kinds of ear gauge plugs like sparkle ear gauges plugs, ear spacer plugs etc.  Therefore, if you have the stretch ear piercings
then you must surely go for the silicone ear gauges. They’re the best ones out there.

Will fit nicely along with your skin, and give you a look that you desire.

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