Ear gauge – ear lets, plugs & tunnels


Create a bold look with our cool ear gauge sale. These gauges are available in a range of colors and
designs that you will find it difficult to choose one.fake belly

Glow In The Dark Spider Web Plate Ear Plug       Glow In The Dark Checker Plate Ear Plug   

Find the perfect ear plug which matches your style and appearance in various shapes and sizes glow tunnel. Ear plugs are available in materials like silicone.  ear expender or even ear tapers, you name it and we have it shape plug. Whether you are looking for body jewelry for wholesale or retail 0 gauge tunnels , we have a huge collection of trendy accessories to match your outfit logo plugs silicone ear plugs. All our body piercing jewelry is available online at quite affordable prices SILICONE BARBELL.  Ear plugs are available in a range of colors and styles. glow in the dark plugs  Our range of ear plugs is fabulous and suitable for all occasions.gauge studs

High quality surgical steel ear studs will sit perfectly against your earlobes.silicone tunnel

SS Steampunk Web Screw Fit Flesh Tunnel    SS Spider Web Screw Fit Flesh Tunnel        Casting Dragon face Flesh Tunnel

We have body jewelry collections of ear plugs from surgical steel, UV, Silicon and glow in the dark gauges more… We feature them in an elegant style from girly ear plugs 16g none , men ear plugs to unisex ear plugs.  Our motive is to create a comfort zone in both the galleries.taper ear

Piercebody.com is your body jewelry store online for a great shopping bargain online of the finest special body jewelry. Therefore, it is your one-stop-online-shop for the most diverse styles at the best prices (home shopping network, offers great values).20g nose ring

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