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Vibrant and gorgeous, people use these words to define the ear jewelry. It is available in different styles to give you a powerful style statement and a glamorous look. There are ear gauges, earplugs 00 ear gauges, flesh tunnels, ear stretchers etc. to give you a stylish look and they’re quite popular amongst the women of today. flower plug]


Glow In The Dark Spider Web Plate Ear Plug         Flower Laser Cut Fake Ear Plug         Casting Dragon face Flesh Tunnel

The ear plugs fashion jewelry is readily available in the our body jewelry store! It’s one of the wonderful ways
of accentuating your looks and finding the ear plug of a right size for yourself is necessary to get that look you desire.

The purple jeweled plugs & tunnels are a  perfect way of uplifting your looks.

The flesh tunnel 4 mm are a perfect way of getting all the attention to your ears and attract the people around you.

SS Grid surface Flesh Tunnels         Double Flared Loaded Gun Cylinder Plug          Tribal Carving Symbols Ear Stretcher

UV multistar spiral expander is best if you’re working on stretching your ear piercing, they’re made of bio-compatible material to keep your skin safe and they fit along your skin nicely, without causing any irritation. The tunnel gauges are also one of the
ear jewelries that is popular amidst the ladies of all age group. They’re available in various shapes and designs like black & white tunnel gauges, white star ear gauges etc.  

Zero plug gauges is also one of the style, which you can wear and keep up your style statement.


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