Dragon eye Dermal Anchor tops available in red and black

Probably every one of us has this innate desire of setting ourselves apart from the mass. Some do it through body modifications which, needless to say is a very bold step to take. Expressing your individuality through body piercings is a trend that is climbing up the charts. It is fashionable to sport a belly button piercing, wear a labret stud or a sparkly UV ball as an eyebrow accessory. The options are endless. There is also the choice of dermal piercing, something which is fast becoming popular mainly because of the comfort level.

A little info about dermal piercing:
Dermal piercings are different from common piercings. Normal piercings generally have a point through the jewelry anchor enters and exits. Dermal piercings have anchors which are firmly inserted into the skin that is there is no such exit point. These piercings are a modified version of the more dangerous and difficult surface piercings. In fact, so many people are opting for dermal piercings because of the less risky and faster healing process.

Design of dermal jewelry:
Most of the dermal jewelry has the same style. The anchor resembles a flat disc like surface from where a stick extends which attaches itself against the skin surface and this is where the ball or the bead is fixed. These piercings are generally made of 316L surgical steel because any other metal can react with the skin and cause irritation. The half ball dermal anchor tops of our collection follow the same design and are available in black and red color.

Why should you buy Dragon eye dermal anchor tops?
If you do have a dermal piercing, these are the pieces you should swear by. Firstly and most importantly, they can totally fit into any kind of piercings at any parts of your body. The added benefit is the 5mm size which is just perfect for a piercing of any kind.
Also, the dermal anchor tops are quirky in taste. You won’t see too many people around you flaunting accessories like this. So, if you really want to unleash your adventurous side, these tops might be your best pick.
Because they do not call for high maintenance, they can be worn every day as a daily wear.

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