Different Kinds of Ear Gauge – Flesh Tunnels for Various Personality

Ear gauge and flesh tunnels are extremely popular when it comes to ear piercing jewelry. The alluring and cool ear piercing jewelry piece have varied styles and prints. There is one may be left wondering as to which one to pick and which one to leave. One might, in fact, feel like buying each design and make it a part of his/her collection.

In addition, body jewelry ear piercing has become a common fashion statement with all the fashion lovers. It also has the most commonplace body piercing is that of the ears. An earring is not rendering specific and can be done by both girls as well as the guys.

ear piercing jewelry

Piercebody.com brings you the different types of ear piercings such as silicone ear gauges, fake gauge earrings, and special designed flesh tunnels. With the most trending style collections featured in silicon plugs size 8 gauge tunnels. Offering the most comfortable style is multi-jeweled with the size of 4mm to 24mm.   The color changes silicone ear plug and ear plug flesh tunnel. This plug changes automatically under the sunlight.

Different Kinds of Ear Gauge and Flesh Tunnels

They are different kinds of ear piercing jewelry such as Screw Fit Ear Flesh Tunnel, Screw Fit Jeweled Ear Flesh Tunnel and also fake gauge earrings. The maximum is ranged to 25mm. It also depends on which piece you are in search of among these three pieces because the sizes vary.

organic ear gauge

  • Organic Ear Gauges

Crafting a style your looks with organic ear gauges with Synthetic organic earplug made of different logos. We manufacturers of organic plugs and offer full line dedicated of organic ear plug being produced.  The craftsmanship of this body jewelry piece is just outstanding and exquisite 18mm gauges. Each logo has different creation style.

  • Glass Ear Jewels

Body piercing is an art made with the sole purpose of making body art appealing and attractive. Most of the jewels are made of metals, but this new range of ear plugs is made of 8 gauge Pyrex glass which is completely handmade. These 8g plugs are the next generation in ear piercing because of the style element and the glossy finish. They can be worn for all occasions and all times with ease. These 8g plugs are loved by women and men and are formidable gifts for loved ones and have a long shelf life with no ill effects on the human body when worn.

 Glass Ear Jewels

  • Acrylic Glowing Ear Styling

The new exciting array of designs in 8 gauge plugs has a spiral shape acrylic flesh expanders. They’re mainly used for the purpose of piercing the ears with ease and for regular and occasional use with style and elegance and women go crazy with the available colors and designs. These 8 gauge plugs are made up of UV materials and surgical steel combo which illuminates in the dark and has a visual appeal which is a crowd pleaser when worn among people in clubs, parties and even for daily wear and tears.

  • Colorful Ear Expanders

There are more stylish and simple with the new discovery of anodized spiral ear plug stretcher. These body jewels are made up of the UV components which are hygienic and glow in the dark and they are available in multiple colors. These are spirally shaped tunnel expanders which can be used with ease and they wear on all occasions with the crowd’s attention.

They are cheap and have a long shelf life because they are anodized and hence corrosion free and scratch resistant. These are loved by women all over the world and they flaunt these jewels with style and finesse.

Surprising Ear Gauge Designs and Sizes

cheetah ear gauge


Cheetah Ear Gauge

Spice up your style in a fascinating charm of this animal print ear plug flared plug. The UV material of a double flared ear plug is the highlight of the jewelry. They’re great for any occasion and suit every outfit. This sensual cheetah ear plug features a 316l Surgical Steel material with an externally threaded type.

ear gauge zebra print

Ear Gauge with Zebra Print

This item has stunning quality and craftsmanship that makes it become an outstanding plug. They are crafted with UV and also hand polished as crystal fake ear plug and zebra screw fit. The animal print ear piercing jewelry looks so exclusive that one cannot get over the love for them. The different animal print ear jewelry like the zebra plugs, zebra print flesh tunnels or even the dragon stretcher pieces are worn by many people who have a special love for the animals. They believe sporting the animals on the jewelry is a unique way to show your affection for them.

dragon ear gauge

Dragon Ear Gauge

Dragons inhabit the myth and legends of most ancient. Dragons have also been known to be notorious riddle-masters, sentinels of sacred shrines, and hoarders of treasures beyond imagining. It is even said that great philosophers would climb the highest mountains peaks or venture into the lowest caverns to seek the sage advice of dragons in secret. They’re just an ordinary ear plugs with the symbol of a dragon. It isn’t a harm to know the reason and the myth of the legend.

weed design ear gauge

Weed Design Ear Gauge

This item brings you different weed design of ear gauges with other materials of UV, 316L surgical steel and they are double flared, screw fit as well as a black line. It also features in many other sizes from ear gauge chart such as 3mm to 24mm.

tribal gauge earrings

Tribal Gauge Earrings

Tribal gauging ears are one of the newest sorts of fashion in the body piercing era. They’re unique form of self-expression. It possesses offers tribal gauge earrings for individuals with traditional stretched ear lobe. The tribal gauging ears are probably the oldest forms of body adornments. It also possesses its existence for more than thousands of years.

We all as fashion lovers want to find the best deal when it comes to buying fashionable accessories and with the world of internet flourishing day by day. If either the design or prints on ear piercing jewelry are so large that one might wonder be left in a confusion while buying it. One can find the cute ear tunnels, pot leaf gauge plug, white star ear expander or the black acrylic purple glitter in the ear piercing jewelry category, to name a few. These jewelry pieces are as attractive as their names.

Costume Ear Plugs

These are available wholesale jewelry gallery with attractive prices. Also one may acquire all the designs available because of the pleasant appearance of the gauges.

Satisfy your needs and requirement at Piercebody.com – When shopping for ear gauges with us, there isn’t a need to worry because we have every type of the metal and including the latest textures and designs. Whether its plain style of the earplug, crystal plugs or just a normal silicone added ear plug. They just have a style of their own!

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