Different Belly Ring Types for Different Ages

What Belly Ring Types that Stand Out?

Belly piercings is a glamorous and also an erotic accessory when worn by women. It just adds up to the glamor quotient. Moving belly rings types are curved barbells with a bead at one end and ball at the other end. It is bigger and they have UV embed material in them, which gives them a glossy finish and glow in the dark with various color combinations.

These belly button piercing kit is available in a wide range of exotic colors with hygienic properties and hence women wear it to flaunt their flat ABS in parties to increase their sex appeal. They surely turn heads in clubs and party scenes because of its visual appeal and style.

belly buttons

Belly piercing which was once done by dancers and models in the fashion industry has now become a cult hit with women followers all over the world who wear these white gold belly rings to flaunt their flat and curvy belly.  These belly ring types are made of hollow yellow colored white gold which is in the shape of a curved banana with the dangling belly button attaches to them.

White gold is shining and visually appealing and hence women love this banana bar belly ring which dangles with motion and makes men go crazy. They can be worn in clubs, discotheques and even in family events. They are user-friendly and cheap and elegant gifts for near and dear ones.


Belly Ring Types

belly ring types

  • Steel Belly Ring

One of the reliable material 100% nickel free Steel Belly Ring our one of the best and finest design you can fine in. Lots of new design has been added in new arrival, especially dream catcher design and lot more.


silver non dangling belly ring types

  • Silver Spinal Belly Rings

Silver is a typical type of metal to wear that gives charming look and is not prone to any form of allergies. Pure surgical steel belly button rings are very soft and lightweight. It has to be handled very carefully as it easily gets scratches when handled roughly. When it comes to the choice of purchasing belly rings, silver belly button rings are the greatest choice available.

Silver spiral belly ring types provide a stunning look to belly with a classic style that suits you. The collection of silver spinal rings comprises of colored and attractive designs. They are quite easy to open and are available at affordable prices


 UV steel belly rings


Belly rings with Steel and UV have become a great statement for Fashion for the young generation. UV and steel belly rings come with the higher quality of UV and steel material and are crafted with a number of classy designs with colorful stones and the balls. UV rings glow highly in the dark.

It looks pretty cute for daily use especially during night time and is quite comfortable to use as well. It is available in a number of different colors and elegant style. This UV and steel belly rings are great accessories for the belly and are highly attractive. Have a great classy look with these belly rings.

 silicone belly ring types


This piercing is not only popular with girls, but is gaining importance with boys too. That invariably calls for a widespread of silicone belly rings in order to stay upbeat with the changing fashion trends almost every day. It’s creative and looks artistic at the same time and gives a zesty feel overall.

To add that glam statement belly ring silicone is the latest fad for the belly piercing. With these silicone rings make sure you won’t go unnoticed and are sure to make heads turn. They are available in varied colors and shapes and can be mixed and matched for better styling as well.

spinal belly rings

  • Non Dangling Silver Belly Rings

Silver non dangling belly rings adds panache and style to your body. We have the latest style of the belly button and naval jewelry at unbeatable prices. Designs like button, dangle, top down, reverse belly and chandelier belly rings to make you look stylish and sexy and some of the more elaborate designs to die for.

If you are searching for some perfect belly rings, silver non-dangling, we have the best for you with no further choices. These wide ranges of belly rings provide you a complete shopping pleasure in your budget. We promise you to bring the most stylish designs for you in the most innovative manner.


dolphin gold belly button rings

Belly piercing has been made a glamorous endeavor because women flaunt their sexy ABS and hips using this body piercing jewelry and they have a huge demand worldwide mainly because of its visual appeal. This new range of 5 stone flower golden navel rings is made of complete 14K yellow gold and measured as 14 gauges and they have 5 stones embedded into one end of this curved barbell and form the design of a flower.

This navel ring is visually grand and will be loved by all women and it will surely turn heads when worn for any occasion and can be worn all times with no effects on human skin.

anodized belly ring types

Belly anodized rings are getting quite popular nowadays with the latest fashion and trends. It’s getting quite common either boys and girls mainly due to its extensive use of the models, celebrities, sportsmen, etc. The trend of wearing rings started during the mid of 90’s. The navel is the quite attractive area of designing with rings. This belly rings types are available in the online as well wherein you can get a number of varieties and designs such as birthstones, heart, cheery, wordings, etc.

The anodized belly ring types give you a stunning look in the mass. They are available with different colors, bright and shiny stones. At the end of the anodized belly ring types, it is, studded with charming stones. These belly rings are quite easy to open and pierce as when required.

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