Devil Eye Blue Base Pyrex Glass Ear Plug

Devil Eye Blue Base Pyrex Glass Ear PlugAre you confused between ear tunnels, plugs and gauges? Let us help you to find the difference. Technically these are all the same jewelry but the term gauge has a particular meaning to it and hence it is improper to call any ear stretching jewelry as a gauge. Gauge actually refers to the size of the stretching or the jewelry and not the jewelry itself. If you search by using terms which define different types of ear lobe stretching jewelry, you will find better results like plugs, ear hangers, tunnels, large gauge earrings, ear weights and so on. Also if you think that plugs and tunnels are the only ones to be used for ear stretching, it is not true.

There are so many types of earlobe stretching jewelry found these days with the increase in interest of people towards stretching lobes. Most of these jewelry items look gorgeous and stunning. Plugs and tunnels are available in a wide range of materials nowadays; so you do not have to stick to the same old material you were using. Besides these typical earlobe stretching jewelry items, you can also buy ear hangers or large gauge earrings. Large gauge earrings are the ones that dangle from the stretched lobes with thicker hooks. Large gauge captive bead rings are also available for earlobe stretching.

Seamless rings, segment rings and large gauge circular barbells, spirals, twisters, ear weights and even large gauge labret studs are coming up to attract attention of the stretching enthusiasts. Piercebody in keeping with the demands of the modern times and piercing enthusiasts has come up with a large variety of tunnels and plugs made from different materials among which pyrex glass items are quite innovative. The devil eye blue base pyrex glass ear plug looks stunning and has a unique feel to it. Once you wear it in your stretched earlobes, others might have a feeling that the devil is watching them.

This pyrex glass blue devil eye comes in different sizes like 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 16mm to suit various sized gauges. Piercebody brings this fantastic item at an unbeatable price for the shoppers. Our shipping policy is flawless and the customer care executives are always ready to answer any questions from clients. Piercebody has an amazing inventory of lovely products which will attract the attention of people of all ages who love the art of body piercing. The stylish pyrex glass ear plug will definitely transform your looks.

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