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designer-earrings-eyebrow-ringsAll about bulk quantity and small orders! Now everyone can purchase and afford gold ring Body jewelry only at with the body jewelry gallery in wholesale and retail crystal eyebrow rings

Our incredibly designed collection in the latest trend and a discounted price in a variety of traditional and contemporary design. Eyebrow Banana  Capture the blissful and splendor selection for December in the newest designs of the ear studs.uv eyebrow These body piercing jewelry genuinely meets and fits the style with the personality.

These Austrian crystal earrings ear piercing studs; or our earrings is just based on designs where the jewelry lovers get inspired by the collections. Nothing is more important than earrings to change the beauty of the face!

Both in plain and jeweled of 16G-5/16″-3mm by size. This piercing is a diversity of personal taste which is a part of what makes life even more interesting and the eyebrow piercing has spread beyond a few sub culture. Usually the jewelry preferred is a curved barbell. The jewelry is made of surgical steel, 14kt, titanium and UV acrylic.

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