Dermal Anchors with logo Top

Dermal Anchors with logo TopThinking of getting a piercing done but wish to avoid the run-of-the-mill sort of piercing? Then, choose some unique piercings which will make you stand out in the crowd. The basic idea behind a unique piercing is to shock people around you and have their jaws dropping and eyes popping. Either search the internet or talk to a piercer you know about unique piercings and see if you like what these suggest. In the meantime we are offering 2 such unique piercing ideas to you.

  • Double Nape Piercing- nape piecing is done just below the hairline at the base of the neck. In a single nape piercing, you can get the jewelry item placed anywhere on the nape, but it is unique to have a double nape piercing in the shape of the letter “A” to shock everyone. The jewelry most suited for this venture is a dermal anchor with logo top. The base of the anchor is made of titanium while the top from surgical steel which are safe for skin. Since, in dermal piercing one end of the jewelry sets inside the skin on the dermis wearing titanium and steel is absolutely safe.

This Dermal Anchors with logo Top comes in various designer logos from which you can pick and choose a design like the star, skeleton or even the marijuana leaves. It will look awesome if you have cropped hair or girls can tie their hair into a long horse tail to your side to expose the nape region for others to see. This piercing will take around 8-10 weeks to heal and looks even more amazing with tattoo on one end.

  • Sternum piercing- this is a form of chest piercing which is placed in the middle of the chest in mean and at the beginning of the cleavage in women. It is an adventurous one and hence unique. Same dermal anchor tops can be used for this piercing which can be placed either vertically or horizontally as per the wish of the piercing enthusiast. Great for experimentation, this is sometimes done in the middle of the cleavage in women. The chance of rejection in this piercing is more than any other, so discuss with your piercer beforehand.

Both these piercings are unisex. Men and women having nape of sternum piercing look really unique with various kinds of jewelry flaunting their fashion.

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