Dermal Anchors Piercing- A Revolutionary Piercing Method

Dermal Anchors piercing serve as a revolution in the field of piercing. While a typical piercing has an entry hole and an exit hole, dermal piercings have just one hole that can be seen on the surface of the skin that produces an appealing visual effect allows for many creative placements for the jewelry. The dermal anchor piercing can trace its origin to the United States seven years ago and represents a special type of body modification allowing surface piercing on different body parts like neck, sternum as well as cheek.

dermal anchors

A Painless Piercing Procedure:

The Dermal Anchor Piercing involves two common methods of performing the piercing: with a needle and with a dermal punch. The needle method resembles any other piercing procedure, wherein the piercer creates an L-shaped pouch on the skin instead of a simple hole and allows the pouch to hold the base and anchor of the piercing. This method is followed by carefully inserting jewelry base, while the jewelry top is fixed to the base. The punch method on the other hand is painless piercing method that involves tissue removal to make the pouch for the jewelry base.

Benefits of Dermal Anchor Piercing

Dermal Anchor Piercing can be done almost anywhere in the body which adds scope for creativity, wherein you can choose your own patterns and a piercing that can complement your tattoos as well. Unlike its surface counterpart, the dermal anchor piercing lasts longer and prevents migration and rejection.

Variants of Dermal Anchors

Dermal Anchors are usually made using titanium or bioflex which serves as a lightweight material and is bio-compatible, thereby reducing the chances of infection. Exploring the types, there will be anchors with small round bases called “skin divers” and dermal anchor with oblong (footed) bases are called “micro-dermal anchors”, “surface anchors” or sometimes, “trans-dermal anchor”.

Author: Anuradha

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