Dermal Anchors with Black Ball Top

Black Half Ball Dermal Anchor TopsIf black is your favorite color, then this black ball top dermal anchor is perfect for you. Black is quite a neutral color and can be worn with a lot of other colors. If you are fair complexioned, black will look amazing on your skin. So, get this dermal anchor and enjoy the magic of black on your personality. Black adds lot of sleekness to any ensemble and when you are talking of dermal anchor, black could the best choice.  This black ball top dermal anchor has a removable ball which means you can replace it other tops if you wish to. But, what will you do, if you have to remove your dermal anchor top?

First, you have to complete the entire healing process of 6-12 weeks before you can think of changing the top of your dermal anchor. Piercers advise to wait for 3 months before changing the dermal anchor top. In this way you will have passed the time which is most critical for the dermal piercing. The healing period is the most critical period in any piercing and hence the 3 month mark is an important milestone. Having said that, it does not mean that you will not face any problem after 3 months, but the chances are less.

Ask your piercer to change the dermal top from your anchor for the first time. Your fistula may be tender at the time and you can irritate it by trying to remove the top. Actually a dermal piercing is a little more sensitive than any other piercing because a larger part of the jewelry is inside the skin. If the hold of the dermis loosens, the anchor will be rejected. This will begin the healing process all over again. That is why it is safe for you to have your piercer change it for you. If your dermal anchor is one year old, you can still think of doing it by yourself though carefully.

If you are doing it by yourself, remember to hold the dermal anchor with a special tool while you are unscrewing the top. There are various tools available in the market to hold the dermal anchor in place, but a pair of forceps is the best choice. It is easy to slide the forked end around the dermal anchor post, clamp the ends together and utilize the handle to hold the anchor properly while you unscrew the top.

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