Important Facts about Dermal Anchor Piercing

 What You Need to Know About Dermal Anchor Piercing

Dermal anchor piercing is a unique and visually impressive product for one major reason; they are single point and don’t necessarily exit on the other side of the flesh. The piercer uses a dermal anchor to conveniently secure a footed base. Once this base holds on your flesh, jewelry of your choice could top up.

Dermal Anchor Piercing

Traditionally, surface piercing was very straightforward; the piercing went in on one side of the flesh and exited on the other. But ever since the concept of dermal piercing emerged about seven years ago, this new trend has become the choice and preference of many.But is that all there is to know about dermal anchors? What things should you consider before going for a dermal piercing?

Dermal anchors not as complicated as they appear

The sight of a nicely dermal pierced face has always been a sight to behold. The shiny or golden jewelry sticking so majestically over the face, with no visible anchoring mechanism fascinates many. Yet, the concept is pretty simple; the piercer gently inserts an L-shaped dermal anchor to the flesh, which acts as a hook upon which the jewelry will be later fixed. In some instances, the piercer may also use what’s known as a dermal punch. This is used to remove and extract small portions of flesh in circles. Using dermal forceps, the piercer then inserts dermal anchors on the resulting hole.

Now that sounds pretty painful, doesn’t it?

Dermal Anchor Piercing with logo TopContrary to what you would imagine, dermal anchor piercing is not painful at all. As long as you have an experienced piercer and the right tools for the process, it’s no different from the common ear piercing. Dermal piercing wears on any part of your body; people have had them under their eyes, around their necks, on their hips, tongue, head, you name it! Others even proceed to surround their tattoos with piercings. This flexibility comes from the painless nature of dermal piercings. Once the skin has healed and anchor firmly held, you now have numerous types of dermal jewelry to choose from. Titanium, Gold, stainless steel, sterling silver, gemstones of different colors; all these are but examples of the top dermal jewelry.

Minimal amount of aftercare needed;

Like all types of piercings, dermal piercing should give time to heal as naturally as possible. Dermal anchors need to protect and very clean at all times. According to dermatologists, it is very important that one gets sufficient sleep and a good diet. If you can, keep off any nicotine during the healing process as this hinders the ability of the body to heal. You shouldn’t also touch and feel the piercing every now and then; you want to disturb it as little as possible. Don’t forget that this is a wound that will require time to heal naturally. If you ever have to touch or feel it, always wash your hands with antibacterial soap.


Things to look out for;

Dermal Anchor PiercingEven with the correct aftercare of your dermal anchor piercing, instances of infections or other complications can not be completely rule out. You should always be on the lookout for the slightest signs that the healing is not going as planned. Any pus or discharge, skin that feels hot when touched; these are indicators that you could have an infection and need to contact a doctor as soon as possible. Another common thing to look out for is a displaced piercing. This could be as a result of the dermal being accidentally held by your clothes or an improper sleeping position during the healing process, etc.

Whatever the case, your piercer will help reposition the dermal to its original position. However, each time a dermal anchor has fully remove, and then inserted, you start afresh in term of the healing time. That’s why as aforementioned, it’s very important you avoid disturbing the dermal piercing at all during the healing process.

In summary Dermal piercings trace their origin to the US, but today the practice has gained global popularity. They are catchy, unique, and a fashion statement that’s as bold as can be. Besides, the entire procedure is fast and painless.

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