Dermal Anchor Neck Piercing

Hello Kitty Dermal Anchor Tops

  Neck piercing formally known as nape piercing; it is new to the mainstream culture. According to people it is a great piercing as it can be exposed and covered according to some specific occasion very easily. dermal anchors with top in a tray  dermal anchors

Dermal anchor is designed is such a manner that it can be easily inserted into the body and can be held in place by the dermal tissue that is why it is known as dermal anchor. Neck hollow anchor dermal piercing is very much in trend. As you can hide it whenever you ant and vice versa. And dermal piercing is so small that it is very comfortable.

Jeweled Dermal Anchors   

Dermal piercing requires lots of knowledge about human anatomy and skills to do it. These anchors cannot be removed like
normal jewelry pieces.

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