The Latest Designs of Dermal Anchor Jewelry

Piercing has become common and earrings are now a must in everyone’s purse. Women go through many piercing jewels for everyday wear. Now the style and visual appeal are taken to a whole new level of presentation with the dermal anchor piercing.

Dermal anchor jewelry is turning heads in the fashion and movie industry because they are cheap and visually appealing. Designs will create using the UV studs and surgical steel rings with the curved part put under the skin and only the jewel and the ball part on display.

Dermal anchor jewelry is used in piercing all over the body to form designs and shapes with the jewel or the balls on display. It is very delicate and unique and has taken piercing to the next level.

Body piercing is a body art form which has now become a common practice in all countries and growing everyday. It has become easier and painless with these Dermal Anchors jewelry which is the next find in piercing jewelry. They are available in plenty in various sizes and designs with UV studs which glow in the dark. They are composed of hygienic steel spikes which have UV rings and are available at cheap prices.

dermal anchor jewelry

Dermal Anchor Jewelry Tops

Dermal anchor tops suit an individual who is bold. They upgrade an individual’s style. These are easy to access and easy to use. They are affordable and thus increase their sales. Since they can be easily opened, they can be used for daily wear. They prevent skin irritation, which is an essential feature. It is made up of titanium to prevent from irritation and it is perfect for sensitive skin. Dermal anchor has a screw on both the ends which makes them easy to wear. It is mainly used by the guys

Dermal anchor tops with 5mm stone is a body piercing jewel of the latest trend which is made up of titanium base. Women love this surface piercing which has the jewel part and the colored stones visible on the skin surface. They are used carefully to apply to the skin and time for healing is given and hence it’s a sensitive piercing jewel. These dermal anchor tops are used for occasional and everyday use because of its style and glamour. They are cheap and can form affordable gifts to dear ones and have a huge following globally.

Skin Divers

Bulk skin divers are available in our body piercing jewelry. We offer quantitative discounts and adding in coupons also for the next purchase. It is the most successful way to perform a Surface Piercing. With this method, the piercing can be performed in areas that were previously impossible to heal such as the back of the Neck and Arms. Skin Divers come in 2.5mm and 3mm diameters.

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Dermal Anchor Jewelry Designs and Types

Body piercing art is more beautiful with the new range of dermal anchor tops. These are piercing rings which are the purest form of 316L surgical steel with a combination of titanium which makes it highly durable and suitable for human skin without any rashes or itching.

Women love these dermal tops where the piercings attach the tops to the visual side. They are embedded with gems of various cuts and stones of different sizes. Women love to glamorize their body with these dermal anchor tops which are a visual treat for others when worn at parties, clubs, and events.

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Face Dermal Anchor Piercing

Face piercing is gaining acclaim and popularity with every passing day. It has set free a new trend among the youths to experiment with. Piercing on the face looks great and enhances your fashion trend even more. Different dermal anchor jewelry piercing types are available in the fashion industry. Eyebrow color chart, Jestrum, Bridge, Cheek, Medusa, and Labret are more popular in this face piercing industry.

Face piercings chart is available at body piercing jewelry store and jewelry stores. They can be millimeter, gauges, decimal inches or even fractional inches depending on your preference. Dermal face piercing creates ripples in the body piercing as fashionistas hook on to get these piercings. However since it is a permanent piercing, you should seek professional advice before you finalize on it. Face piercings accessories is available at our body piercing jewelry store –


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