Delicate Dangling Castings In Surgical Steel Screw Flesh Tunnels

Be sure to flaunt your brand new piercing in the ear lobe. A tiny ear stud or a single gem will definitely not be conspicuous enough to attract attention. What is the point of going through pain and discomfort if you are unable to reveal your unique style to the whole world? It is best to make up your mind before choosing your jewelry though. The beautiful sparkling surgical silver flesh tunnels are likely to steal your heart even as your eyes remain glued to the spectacular array put out by Feel free to stretch your ears as much as you want, your jewelry will keep your skin free from infection while you increase your aesthetic value. The flesh tunnels are great in steel for three primary reasons. They are lightweight for one and you are sure to feel no load on your delicate lobes whether your ears are stretched to 2 mm or 10 mm.
Cleaning your ear tunnels in order to evade infection is an important procedure too. Opting for ear jewelry in surgical steel makes the entire exercise even easier as you do not have to worry about special cleaning solutions either. The prime reason for choosing the base material is of course the ease of wear. You are sure to feel comfortable even you have a huge dangling flesh tunnel jutting out of your ear lobe. You might actually forget that you have a foreign artifact in your body piercing as you grow used to the specialized piercing jewelry that sets off the beauty of your ears to perfection.
You would love to have a rock star like attitude and style, of course. While you are welcome to put on the attitude, your style quotient may not really be that enviable unless you select the dangling flesh tunnels to adorn your ears. Thread it on and off whenever you are attending a casual party or going for a night out with the boys of your rock band. What’s more, you can even hope to get a special invite to walk the ramp, showing off your fashionable dangling casting in surgical steel that vouches 100% safety.
The internal screw helps in securing the ear tunnels firmly to the ear. The obscure steel screw leaves the center part of the jewelry smooth that can lie against the skin without causing any aggravation to your delicate skin that has been pierced.

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