Decorate your Nose Piercings with Nose Screws

Nose screws are extremely pretty pieces of jewelry that are created using bent metal and thus can be easily pushed through the pierced area in the nose. Nose screws can be worn by women of all ages. These screws are decorated with gemstones and other beautiful pieces to enhance their appearance and make them look even more attractive. Though at the beginning, women may find it difficult to insert the nose screws, piercers can show how to do it in the correct way.

What does a Nose Screw Consist of?
A nose screw is one of the many types of jewelry used for nose piercings. One end of the nose screw has a ball embedded with gemstones or finial, the other end is pointed so that it can be easily pushed into the piercing.  Nose screws need to be made of hypo-allergenic materials such as platinum, gold, silver, surgical quality stainless steel and also glass.

Types of Nose Screws
There are various kinds of nose screws available in the market. The one that is most popular these days is a small piece of metal that has an L bent. One can also go for a semi-curved C-shaped nose screw that comprises both right and left bends.

Size of Nose Screws
The size of the nose screws vary greatly. You can purchase the same from a shop or get a custom made one to your liking. These are available in jewelry shops and can range from 13-21 gauges in size. Lengthwise, the nose screw measures 4-9mm.

Nose piercing has been in vogue since ages and remains an integral part of ornamentation. Over the ages, the trends have changed and given way to different kinds of piercing products. Also, women have become increasingly conscious about what looks good on them and what kind of a product suits them, thereby leading to the popularity of things such as nose screws.

Nose piercing is usually done with the help of a piercing gun or even with the help of a surgical sterilized needle. It is necessary that you get the piercing done from a trained person that it is less painful. Once the process is complete, the piercer puts the nose screw through the pierced area, which remains there until and unless the place has healed completely.  It generally takes a few days for the area to be healed completely.
You will find an extensive collection of nose screws online. It is for you to decide which one will suit you best.

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