Dark Blue Internally Threaded Ear Flesh Tunnel

Dark Blue Internally Threaded Ear Flesh TunnelStretching one’s ear is the coolest thing at present times. It is one of the major style statements made by teens, young adults, celebs and rock stars. Ear flesh tunnel is the commonest thing which is used to stretch one’s ears. Piercebody has brought this wonderful internally threaded ear flesh tunnel for stretching your ears and flaunting it to your friends. The biggest advantage of this ear flesh tunnel is that it is internally threaded which makes it easy to wear and hold it on the stretching properly. The price at which it is made available by Piercebody is truly competitive.

This flesh tunnel is available at a wide range of sizes from 2mm to 30mm so you can buy anyone which suits your piercing. This actually depends on how much you wish to stretch your earlobe. This piercing is done on earlobe because it provides the largest area for such a piercing or stretching. You can do it on either ears or one of them. The dark blue hue of this flesh tunnel makes it stunning to look at. It looks amazing inside white skin making it shine under light. Made from surgical steel makes it skin friendly and anodizing which makes it skin friendly and durable.

The best part of stretching and wearing a flesh tunnel is that you can also decorate that stretching with other earrings if you want to create a unique style. Whenever you decide to stretch your ears always do it on earlobes because it is a soft zone and is easier to get stretched than cartilages which are soft but they are tissues after all and takes long time to heal. You may not have the patience to hold it back for so long. It can be really uncomfortable during the entire healing period.

Though it is best to stretch the ear slowly, many people are impatient and get it done fast with a larger gauge needle or by using a dermal punch to punch out the cartilage to stretch the area. This can be harmful. It is wise to go the conventional way with earlobe stretching. That is to take it slow. Stretch the earlobe slowly and that will be rewarding. You have to wait little more than you did initially for stretched earlobes to heal. However, using the stretching tape method can release you from waiting so long.

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