Dangle Belly Button Rings!

Dangle Belly button ring are the rage these days, for they add dynamism to your accessory, making them eye catchy and
attractive!jeweled dangled


Heart Shape Dangling Jeweled 14K Gold Belly Ring        Dangling14K Gold Belly Ring      

For the lover of the wild and dangerous, a dangle snake belly button Snake eye would be the best buy piercing jewelry! It will enhance your image of a strong and adventurous lady, with a streak of the wild in you! dangled 14k

They come in various materials from 14 K gold plated ones, to surgical steel, to Swarovski crystals and color stones. This slithering beauty dangling from your piercing will add the oomph to make you the cynosure of any party!


Infinity Sign Jeweled Navel Belly Ring        Infinity Sign Jeweled Belly Ring       Bulk Offer,Body Piercing Jewelry,body jewelry,Navel Piercing,belly piercing,navel rings,PBM0066,Moving Jeweled Heart Charms Belly Ring

This tiny fairy will add charm to your body language, making you look magically pretty. The crystal studded dangling fairy will add a sparkle to your look and outfit Circle silver, making it an instant attraction!

If you are looking for something cute but not specific as a Tinker bell belly button ring, non moving belly rings then you could choose from beautiful flower
belly button

They add a touch of sensuality and cuteness because of all the characteristics of a flower- beauty, softness, color, fragrance.
Bright color flowers like red, pink and turquoise, work really well with most outfits. Crystal studded flowers also add much sparkle to your look!swarovski belly


 So go ahead and add oomph to your outfit and image by selecting from a wide of dangle belly button rings!

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