Dangling Silver Belly Rings

Wearing a cool looking navel ring otherwise known as a Dangling silver belly ring is the accepted thing when you love baring your midriff. Sure, you have been there and done it all with bright studs placed in your belly button piercing but you do want more. Why settle for anything less when you can wear a lovely piece of jewelry dangling from your cute navel? But do you have the know how about them? Check out the facts below:-

What is it?
A long and dangling piece of jewelry that hangs from the belly button is very much ‘ín’ at present. It is an accessory usually worn by young girls and celebrities who love to flaunt their flat tummies. The style first gained momentum in 1990s when it became fashionable to pierce the lower rim of the belly button for sake of wearing dangling rings through it. You are welcome to wear it on the upper rim too especially, if you already have a piercing there and do not want an extra one.

The design of a navel ring is somewhat like that of an ear ring. It consists of a curved post that passes through the piercing along with a showy finding to hold the ring in place WHITE GOLD. A 14 gauge ring having a 1.6 inch diameter is the normal size for a dangling belly ring.
An assortment of beads, precious and semi-precious gems and other colorful artifacts are used to embellish it.

Why Silver?
While navel rings are available in a variety of materials, many prefer to go in for the ones made with silver because the metal seldom causes skin irritations. Gold is as effective too but silver stands out purely from an economic point of view since it is much less expensive than the yellow metal and can match almost every outfit that you put on.

There are two different types of dangling silver belly rings commonly available.

  • Sterling Silver – This shiny white metal is revered for its safety value. Your belly button is prone to infections and wearing a sterling silver ring in the piercing will cause no contact dermatitis whatsoever. The rings are usually made of 92.7% pure silver along with 7.3% of other alloys.
  • Silver plated & filled – You may also opt for a silver plated dangling belly ring with stainless steel underneath, if you do not want to pay too much for adorning your navel. Although this requires frequent cleaning in order to avoid infection it may be worthwhile especially if you have no plans of wearing it permanently.

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