Dangling Castings in Surgical Steel Screw Flesh Tunnels

One of the most prominent street fashions in the world is ear lobe gauging. You will see a large number of young adults and teenagers walking the street with stretched ear lobes. This fashion accessory has spread like wild fire over the past few years. Taper kit  Wherever you are in the world, you will definitely find young people with stretched ear lobes expressing fashion and style in their own way. Stretched earlobes have almost become the fashion statement of an entire generation. Not just stretched ear lobes with screw fit flesh tunnels but also rings and other accessories paired up with them. This is a bold fashion statement with multiple accessories.Taper kit 12mm
Another reason to the steady rise in popularity of stretched ear lobes is that people are able to get this done safely. Piercing professionals are better equipped with tools that can do the job safely. Also several DIY kits are available in the market which helps people to do it themselves safely. Therefore, there is a greater choice in terms of jewelry and also in terms of stretching the lobes safely without injury. A number of American and UK celebs have taken to this fashion accessory dearly resulting in their fans copying them.
This fashion has reached far and wide now though earlier stretched earlobes were considered to be a part of rock, punk and hippie fashion. Students and young adults from various walks of life are now finding it interesting and intriguing. Middle aged men are also reportedly quite into this sort of fashion nowadays. The best part about stretched earlobes is that it can be hidden behind ears if there are strict rules in your school, college or workplace. In that way you will not be deprived of the accessory and also not run the risk of being caught while breaking rules.
Piercing and stretching is a part of the body modification movement which aimed at expressing solidarity with other cultures or at expressing individual expression of style. The term Modern Primitives came to associated with these people who love piercing or stretching any part of the body. Not just street style and subcultures, it has successfully become a part of the runways as well. If you are patient enough then you can try stretching your skin gradually with the help of tapers. However, if you want a drastic change then dermal piercing is the thing for you. Whichever it is wear a flesh tunnel and be a part of the unique expression of style.

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