Dangling Belly ring in awesome designs!

Belly rings are a great way to flaunt your toned stomach. In fact, with a stunning piece of naval accessory, you will need no other forms of jewelry to deck yourself up with. They are a safe option too because unlike other accessories, you can simply cover them up with a piece of clothing. So, if you are looking for some quirky accessories to spice up your appearance, you can trust our website piercebody.com to provide you with them. We have great collections in naval accessories which are stylish and ultra-fashionable. Dangling naval rings are great assets for your jewelry collection. They come in curved barbells and dangling barbells which have beautiful beads, stars, flowers hanging from them. Made from safe material which is easy for your skin, these belly rings are a woman’s prized possession.

The latest in our collection of belly ring is the Angel Dangling Jeweled Reverse Belly ring. This product is particularly for those women who have no qualms about being adventurous when it comes to dressing up. It is a bold and beautiful design; a combination which is highly appealing. The bar and ball part is made of the finest 316L surgical steel and the charm part is made of 925 sterling silver. The product is of 14 Gauge and 10mm in length. The part of the jewelry which will be visible on the surface of your skin is the design of an angel holding a bead. The product is available in gorgeous colors like lavender, aqua, dark blue, pink, red, amethyst, emerald, peridot, black and diamond clear.  It may not look so but you can feel assured that this beautiful piece of jewelry is light in weight. Perfect for wearing on casual occasions, it will bring in a lot of oomph factor in your appearance.
Where else can you get such an eye catching piece for only $4.73 except our online store which promises free shipping and delivery! There are great discounts on bulk purchases.
Naval rings are an interesting fashion choice. We have a lot of beautiful products like this in our collection. Come and check out yourself at www.piercebody.com

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