D Segment Rings

It is always effective to buy a handful of segment nose segment nose ring rings that can be used anywhere in the body. Every body piercing starting from the ears, nose, and eyebrows along with the rarer locations like the lower lips, navel, and eyebrows look striking when sporting a simple ring. However, you may not really cherish a plain ring that is too common with the entire world wearing it.

So, go on and dare to be different! The D-ring will offer you all the advantages that you yearn for while being as comfortable as an ordinary ring that has been in vogue from the beginning of time. But a D-ring?  It is just a D shaped one, right? Well, yes but it comes with a specific set of advantages for you too.

You are welcome to wear them on all your body piercings but your eyebrow and nipple piercing is definitely going to feel more comfortable once you thread a D-ring through it. These rings lie against the skin as opposed to the completely circular ones and help to keep the other segments rings away from your body so that rotating it accidentally or unmindfully becomes impossible. This helps in avoiding damage to your newly pierced body part as well. You will get so used to wearing it eventually that you will begin to treat it as an extension of your body part and not a foreign object at all. That is why it is so important to go for a D-segment ring when it comes to a particularly sensitive part of your body like the nipples, lips, or belly button.

You can also use it for embellishing rare septum or genital piercing as well. The ring has a strikingly haunting look too and you are bound to be mesmerized by its beauty. Take a minute to log in to piercebody.com and you are sure to come across a collection of segment D-rings that are suitable for you. Fashioned out of 316L surgical steel, the rings can help you to keep your skin safe from irritations and ungainly allergies while ensuring that no infection ever touches your delicate skin especially around your new piercing.

The price is certainly going to have you swooning with joy. Opt for buying 15 pieces at a time and you will be eligible for the unheard for wholesale rate of $1.04 per piece. There are hefty discounts offered as you increase the quantity too.

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