CZ Jeweled Wood Ear Plug

It is time to make your own style statement. Forget clothing, you have to change them every day and wearing clothes will certainly not make you stand out even, if you collect 365 different garments for the entire ear. Right! You have to go for jewelry then. Wait a minute though! Should you really spend a king’s ransom on precious metals and gem stones for the sake of being trendy? Forget it! You can be trendy and gorgeous at the same time, that too without batting an eyelid. Huh! Is it even possible?

Sure! The only thing you need to do is to log in to and spare a look for the natural yet trendy ear plugs made of wood. Costume jewelry is all the rage now and you can do no better than adorn your exquisitely pierced ear with the help of chunky and offbeat plugs. No, it will not hurt you in the least. Choose the size that you are comfortable in. This classic online jewelry store offers these beautiful ear plugs in every size starting from 4mm up to a whopping 10 mm. Wood being a natural substance is going to be lightweight and non allergic for your ears plus you are going to get an opportunity to do your bit for the environment courtesy your wooden jewelry.

But what is so trendy about an enormous pair of wooden ear plugs? They may catch the eye of your rivals as well as your friends but it is not going to make you a cynosure for all eyes certainly? Fret not, there’s more to come! Look for the pair that shines brightly thanks to the cubic zirconia or CZ stione, bang in the middle. It is definitely going to appeal to the young and old, rich and the not so rich class. In short you don’t have to worry about any particular section of the society. Your sparkling pair of CZ jeweled wood ear plug will invoke envy wherever you go, cutting across all class barriers.

CZ is a synthetic gem stone but it can definitely outshine a genuine diamond, if handled properly. The advantage of getting it encrusted within your wooden ear plugs is many. CZ may mimic a diamond visually but is much lighter in weight thus ensuring you hours of comfort when you choose to wear your outstanding plugs. Paying a mere $2.59 will surely not be too much for you and adding $1.29 to $2.89 for bigger pieces is completely justified too.

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