Curved Bent Barbells

Curved Bent BarbellsPeople with a well developed tragus can go for a sideburn piercing or a vertical tragus piercing. This piercing is gradually becoming popular among a large cross section of people who are looking to experiment with their body piercings. The difference between a normal tragus piercing and a vertical tragus or a sideburn piercing is that the jewelry runs through the small fold of cartilage through inside and comes out from the same side. In a normal tragus piercing it will come out of the other side. The hole is made on the vertical edge of the tragus making it look cool and interesting.
Curved barbells are generally the chosen jewelry type for this piercing instead of ball closure rings or labret studs. The studs and the rings may not fit well whereas the curved barbells fit easily in the area. This piercing is a little more painful than a normal tragus piercing because two points of the tragus are pierced. However, everyone doesn’t have the same pain threshold so you might not feel the hurt in the same way. Piercebody has several curved barbells in their collection to give you a hard time to choose.
A wide range of curved barbells made from different metals are available in the piercebody to make you the fashionista you had yearned to be. This particular curved bent barbell is made from anodized titanium which is safe for skin. The color and the shine in the barbell is such that it will make you look like the next hottest thing. Instead of balls, it has cones and the banana is 16g which is standard in the piercing. The cones are 3mm and make the item appear unique and gorgeous. This steel blue color is one of the most exotic colors that you can get on jewelry items.
Since this is a rare piercing and is not easy to get, you must find an experienced professional piercer to undertake the piercing. Check the parlor for hygiene and do not go for the piercing only because your friend has referred the place. Talk to the piercer and decide whether you want to go with it or not. The piercer will use a sterilized hollow needle and a clamp to make the perforations and insert the jewelry item. Follow the aftercare routine thoroughly to heal it quickly and safely. However, if you sense any trouble, visit your piercer and then a doctor in that order.

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