Curved Barbells: Choosing the Perfect Jewelry for You

Body piercing considers a more bold and expressive body art form.  It has many followers worldwide and it’s on the map with this new collection of curved barbells. When it comes to piercing, we always think of looking cool and stunning. However, piercing has the capability to give you a killer look. You may find thousands of people who love piercing. It can be done with tongue, nose, ear and many other places. Curved barbells are in a trend since they are easy to use.

An individual need not worry about the removal of these while sleeping, as they are very comfortable. They are mostly used for belly piercing, nose, and eyebrow piercing because of its curviness. They are quite popular among youngsters as they are even safe for the skin and avoid infections.

The curved barbells for your body piercings can certainly be described as such. Do opt for them and display the balls, crystals or zany shapes comfortably peeking out of your piercings.

surgical steel curved barbells

Types of Curved Barbells

Surgical Steel Curved Barbell

You need not have a worry about your health and skin rashes when you have the opportunity of choosing the barbells in surgical steel. The curved ones might look beautiful as ear rings but they can be even better as eyebrow, belly button or tongue jewelry.

Silver Curved Barbell

Silver is one among the metal that is widely used by humankind. We come across a number of individuals who use silver accessories for their daily use. Silver Curved barbells are an accessory that is commonly used by youngster for the abstract piercings. They are available in different sizes and shape that make it accessible to all. And it is less expensive compared to gold barbells. Silver barbells can bring a different look into any individual. It is very safe to use and prevent skin infection and allergies. It stays for a longer period of time.

jewelled curved barbells

These silver curved barbells jewelry is quite simple to look, versatile and is also very easy to use. Silver barbells come in a wide range of latest design collection. Almost all the barbells come along two different types of removable balls which you can swap to have enhanced look. These are made up of sterling silver which is one of the highest graded silver for bodily usage. The looks of these ornaments create a great first impression. Most of these silver barbells come along with different shapes such as smiling sun, hearts and lots more.

Anodized Curved Barbell

With the modern techniques, it doesn’t consume much time. One may find various people who pierce their nose, tongue, belly button and much more. One can easily find a huge variety of piercing accessories available for every person. The craze for anodized curved barbell is increasing. This is because of its efficient features. They are available in a variety of designs, size, and color that any individual can easily access in the market. These barbells do not cause any harm to the skin. They are assuredly made of skin friendly materials.

Gold Curved Barbells

Curved gold barbells are the most wanted and loved designs for body piercings and have a huge fan following worldwide. These curved banana bars are made of solid white or yellow gold with balls at both ends with one detachable end. They are anodized curved barbell to get a smooth surface so the shine and durability last longer with no change to the visual appeal. Men and women love these gold bars and are also made with surgical steel.

anodized curved barbell

Multipurpose Jewelry Curved Barbells

Women love these curved bars because it can be used for belly piercing, eyebrow, and lip piercing as well. These are available in various shapes and sizes. These multi purpose curved barbells are kept on a dolphin shaped display in an assortment of 57 curved bars with various colors of epoxy balls and are visually stunning.


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