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Neon Orange 316L Surgical Steel Curved BarbellsA curved barbell is simply a curved shaft with ball ends. These curved barbells are multifaceted. They can be worn in eyebrow, navel, nipple and even genitals without any severe discomfort. Because of the curvature in appearance, a barbell is called the curved barbell. It shares the same blueprint with a straight barbell, except for the curvature. However, the degree of curvature may vary dramatically from almost straight to circular. This is also seen in case of spiral barbells with ends overlapping over each other; though allowing an easy insertion into the skin.

J-bar is one of the latest versions in this realm.  It is curved barbell with a 90-degree bend on end. It is also known by names like the banana bell and banana barbell. A constant seller in the realm of vertical navel piercings, it lets you place the decorative end of the barbell as per your own mood. Unlike its other contemporaries, it can let you style yourself more appropriately. These J-barbells are available in two formats: internally threaded and external threaded.

Types of beads also make a great difference in the design of a curved barbell. A curved barbell can vary greatly in design and appearance. The beads are mostly circular and however can be cubes, triangles, cylinders, cones, and disks. These beads can be large. In most of tongue piercings, the beads are flattened circular beads to protect your gums against injury. There are bondage beads that can significantly add to the overall appeal of these designer barbells. If you are planning to buy curved barbells online, then look for online. It is a reliable web store to deal in a wide range of designer Curved Barbells at the most genuine rates. Shop here to enjoy a lot of discounts and deals in a few simple clicks!

Author: Anuradha

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