Charismatic Curved UV Barbell Rings Collection

Why Do You Need Curved Barbell Rings

Why opt for the straight and narrow when you have the option of bending it beautifully? Yes, curved barbell rings from truly make you stand out. Eventhough your friends keep clamoring for the details about your trendy piece of piercing jewelry. Curved barbells are either it adds in your navel, nipple or eyebrow.

curved barbell rings

Different Types of Curved Barbell Rings

 Dangling a curved barbell with a glittering end from your pearl shaped ears will also look out of this world. Forget the boring, old tradition and use to modern day fashion of curvatures. They are high on aesthetics without putting too much pressure on your pocket.

Navel and eyebrow curved barbell rings need special care especially if you are keen to insert one into a new piercing. However, you can be sure to remain safe and allergy free once you choose the curved UV barbells from They happen to be completely biocompatible and will keep your skin free of abrasions and allergic reactions that result in ungainly rashes. The gorgeous colors available are almost like a dream come true and you can definitely choose to be different by going for an offbeat shape instead of the regular ball or cone ends. The safety of the glowing material is unparalleled since it can be safely worn by pregnant women too.

curved barbell rings types

Look no further if you want to up your style quotient by quite a few notches. has just the jewelry for you in the form of UV curved barbell ring. Do insert it through your newly pierced belly button and show off your perfect midriff to your friends and rivals. From ear plugs and eyebrow rings, there is no dearth of variety either. The rainbow like colors glow and shimmer in the dark too is making the UV curve barbells a model accessory for party wear where you can let your hair down and dance the night away while flaunting your pretty piercings.


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