Crystal Stones Kingfisher- A Gorgeous Addition to Your Collection

Home décor has always been a hobby and a great involvement for the wealthy and the cultivated people. A well decorated room reflects on the owner’s personality, his tastes and his standards. People buy various things to add color, style to their room and make it a visual treat for the guests and the insiders. It is very important to choose the right showpiece and to place it in the perfect spot if you are thinking of renovating your room and enriching your lifestyle.
There are various art pieces that are available in the market for this purpose. Some are abstract shapes, some have a naturalistic design and some are quaint and pristine pieces that contribute a certain delicacy to the appearance of the drawing room. How about placing a gorgeous Crystal Stones Kingfisher atop that stylish book-shelf you treasure or simply in a position which you believe gives the room a good focal point?
This particular piece in question is made of pure crystal. Crystal, as you know is one of the most sought after material around the world when it comes to creating and buying beautiful showpieces. The kingfisher of our collection is a combination of white and black, with the beak and the portion of the head, a mixture of golden yellow and florescent green and the eye, a shocking red.  It is perched on a meticulously crafted branch. All in all, the crystal stone kingfisher makes for a wonderful art piece that will for sure attract the attention of the guests as well as enhance the aesthetic quality of your drawing room. The height of the piece is 17.5cm and the width is 15cm- that is neither too huge a size that would look gross and out of place, neither too small as to be overlooked by anyone. Regular cleaning is recommended if you want to keep intact the lustre of this wonderful showpiece.
This Crystal Stones Kingfisher is priced at $779.00. It is available and very much in stock. If you are at a loss about picking a tasteful art object to gift to somebody who has a knack for decorating rooms stylishly, this could be a perfect choice.
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