Crystal Stones Chicken: An Offbeat Item for your Showcase

A showpiece or an art object or a quaint figurine can add to the beauty of your room, be it the drawing room or your bedroom that you want to decorate. The thing about beauty is, the subtler it is, the better. So you have to be careful to choose an item that looks good, is a bit different but not too incongruous for the delicate perfection that you have in your mind. Well, welcome to where along with crystal jewelry, we also stock beautiful crystal showpieces and gift articles in a mind numbing range of color and variety.
There are various creatures that have been crafted perfectly out of crystal. For example, after the bull and the kingfisher, you have the very unique choice of taking a crystal stones chicken home! A chicken, really? That does not sound very tempting, you would think. But wait till you check out the one we have for you. This Crystal Stones chicken has been exquisitely designed that makes for a pristine little beautifying item for your shelf or maybe that corner of the room which is reserved for a resplendent plethora of unusual but beautiful objects.
This item is of 11 cm in height and the width is 7cm. the beautiful detailing of the piece will leave you amazed, it is almost flawless. The chicken with its combination of red plumes and golden yellow-black feathers is placed on a little patch of green and cuts just the right picture. It looks convincing enough to try a little flying any second! The best feature about this Crystal stones chicken is perhaps the shiny texture of the crystal surface which catches the light; so that it is bound to catch some attention no matter at which location you place the item. However it is imperative that you clean this particular item regularly if you want it to retain the luster and the sheen for a really long time.
The price of a piece of this crystal stones chicken is $349.oo.
Gift it to friend or keep it for yourself, you can be sure that it will be appreciated.
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