Crystal Stone Twin Dolphin Pendent

Crystal stone Twin Dolphin PendentCrystals are the most popular gemstones and discussions about its healing properties are unending. However, if you do not believe in its healing qualities, you will still wear them because crystal pendants are beautiful and glittering. If you are looking for something exclusive then the crystal stone twin dolphin pendant offered by Piercebody will make you gasp in delight. This sparkling pink crystal beautiful pendant is perfect as a gift item because it symbolizes romance. Made from the elegant 925 sterling silver, the pendant is not just capable of upping your glamour quotient but also provide you with inner peace and happiness.
Crystals need to be preserved in order to retain their sparkling nature. The more you will keep it away from water, the more you will be able to preserve it. Try your best to protect your crystals from coming into direct contact with crystals. Crystal studded pendants are generally safe for crystals as they do not get knocked off easily. Moreover, you might not wear it on a regular basis so the crystals on your pendants will have a longer life. That is good news. However, simply keeping it away from water will not help; you need to follow some more storage tips to preserve your precious crystals.
Light sometimes causes damage to crystals. Crystals at times react to heat and light and hence you must store it in a cool place away from exposure to direct sunlight. It is also advisable to store the crystal pendants away from direct exposure to high energy artificial lights like fluorescent bulbs. If you really wish to see the crystals sparkle in light or if you are attending a party with your crystal pendant on, try to be in a place which has somewhat dim lighting.
Crystals react to very high temperature and also fluctuation in temperature. Crystals are generally not resistant to temperature fluctuations. Hence, exposing them to too much cold can also be harmful. Cycles of heating and cooling must be avoided. You must store the crystals in a place which is cool but not cold. It is also important to store crystal wrapped in tissue or in a soft cloth so that it does not scratch and also stays clean. Dust can accumulate on crystals easily, so cleaning it is important and even more important is storing it in a place where dust will not get accumulated.

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