Crystal stone Heart Ear Ring

Crystal stone Heart Ear RingAs piercings become a totally fashion thing by shading its aggressive and rebellious image, it becomes more personal as well. Piercing has become a specialized profession for the piercers and a personal style statement for the ones getting it done. Gone are the days when piercing would be done to rebel against your parents and they would punish you to have got one. Now piercing is a part of mainstream fashion being covered by famous fashion magazines where you also find celebs getting them on their body. On the other hand you will also find the girl next door has a daith, rook, helix, tragus and earlobe piercing.

Since it has become more personalized and specialized, you have to remember that your ear is different from the crystal earring of your friend whose piercing has inspired you to get yours. According to piercing experts every ear is different and not all types of piercings and jewelry suit each ear. So, when you visit a piercing salon, visit it with an open mind otherwise you may suffer a heart break. A conversation with the piercer will help in finding out which jewelry will suit you and where should you have a piercing. Since, ear piercing has become quite common now and is being related to fashion, your overall style is actually the determining factor in questions like where and which.

For instance, this crystal stone heart ear ring can be a colorful one but also a one with matte finish. Your overall style will define where to put it. You can either put it into your earlobes or you can use it on your tragus, rook or even helix. Another question is whether you want to have multiple piercings or a single one? If you wish to have a single crystal piercing on your earlobe, then this crystal stone heart earring is perfect for the piercing. If you are getting multiple piercings done, then combining the other jewelry with this piece is mandatory. Wearing jewelry was once determined by what dress you were wearing, but now it is also a matter of your personal style.

Piercing also depends on whether you wish to have the jewelry permanently or change it often. Having said that, in jewelry piercing, the term permanent could mean 5 years or 10 years, not lifetime. People generally like to change it quite often. If you like to change it very often, then earlobe piercings are best for you because the jewelry is easy to remove and insert.

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