Crystal stone balls: look good and feel good

With crystal stone balls, not only can you enhance your outfit and make a fashion statement but your health can benefit from it as well! The crystal ball can be strung on a chain blos 295; you can string them together and wear them as a bracelet or neckpiece, you can even wear a crystal ball as ring or as a naval jewelry. You have so many options to make these crystal balls a part of your look.
Ying yang crystal stone ball

The many benefits of crystal jewelry:
Wearing crystal jewelry not only makes you attractive but they have properties which can have positive effects on your mind and body. It is believed that they protect the wearer and bring forth certain changes that he or she wishes to happen in his or her life. We can thus say that crystal stones serve twofold purposes: they are beautiful accessories which bring several benefits to their wearers.  The energy emitted from this jewelry can help you with your spiritual and physical healing. Over the passage of time, crystal stones have been used extensively as protective adornments, signs of good luck and harbinger of love and peace in family. If you are not a believer in the healing properties of crystal, you can still wear them to glam up your look for a party or a festive occasion.
So this jewelry offers you with:

  • Colored balls which sparkle and shine when they catch light, making these balls perfect for night outs.
  • They come in various sizes of the same spiral design. You can use a single ball as pendant or string multiple ones as neck accessory. Basically, crystal balls can be worn in any kind of piercings.
  • They can be cleaned easily using a toothbrush dipped in water and light scrubbing all over the surface. Hence you don’t have to fret over maintenance much.
  • The crystal balls have healing effects over mind and body.
  • They can be worn by the traditional dressers and the modern women alike.
  • The crystal balls contrary to how they look are actually quite light in weight.
  • They cost much less than more mainstream jewelry. You can get each ball at less than 3 dollars.

If you are still worried about how to look different from the crowd, buy a crystal ball from , use it as a piercing adornment and get set to receive tons of compliments.

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