Have Access Over 15 Striking Collection of Crystal Pendants

First of all, you can explore an exceptional array of crystal pendants. Either from simple crystal heart pendants to high-end gemstones set in silver. The crystal pendants also make up a fashionable way of feeling the healing power of the crystal. It is chosen and also suitable for long-term crystal healing.

Crystal Pendants

Types of Crystal Pendants

Probably the trendy collection of crystal pendants features and also comprehensive range of stones that uses solid silver and natural gemstones. These crystal pendants also make amazing gifts and remain as a glamorous way of representing one’s style.

Diamond Crystal Pendants

  1. Bermuda Blue Pendant with Swarovski Crystals

Just by having a glance at these blue crystal pendants. Either you will remain stunned for the day or be common. It carries the greatest charm that is enough to raise eyebrows. Furthermore, if you are someone who constantly attends party and wants to flash out ideally every time you are heading out, you must have this elegant piece of blue crystal pendant.

Diamond Crystal Pendant Price

  1. Genuine Swarovski Crystal Box Pendant

Since this design of crystal pendants are certain to admire anyone easily as it is crafted in a unique manner by featuring square box like shape. You can wear it for any sort of outfit and for any kind of occasion. You collection of fashion accessory is not complete without this crystal box pendant. Hence, grab hold of this exquisite piece of accessory right away.

Crystal Pendants designs

  1. Swarovski Crystal Chain Pendants Fabulous Necklace White

This is a luxury crystal chain pendant with shining crystals. Having had a perfect quality production, marvelous and contemporary design meant for women of any age who loves experiencing luxury. This incredible pendant with Swarovski crystals will really make you feel royalty and also forms an ideal gift to your dearest person.

Crystal Pendants Sizes

  1. Crystal Heart Pendant

Show your desire towards luxury accessories by grabbing hold of this ideal piece of crystal pendant that features heart design. Whatever may be the type of wear you dress in; you can sport yourself as a fashion icon by attaching this serene crystal pendant to your chain. You are sure to attract the attention of crowd if you wear it for a party or any other event.

Crystal Pendants Design

  1. Habors 18k White Gold Plated Blue Austrian Crystal Pendant

Featuring a really mesmerizing design combining classic tradition yet very modern in style, this white gold plated crystal pendant forms a special addition to your jewelry collection for this festive season. The white stones and crystal blend together well to provide a mesmerizing look to the pendant.

Crystal Pendants Types

  1. Crystal Black Clover Pendant

This style-forward crystal pendant truly makes a unique addition to your accessory collection. It sports precision-cut crystals comprised of multiple facets enabling a brilliant sparkle and adorned with diamond shaped black crystal. You can flaunt this splendid piece of crystal pendant with a suitable pair of earrings and reveal a respectable statement when you head for a party or event.

Oval Crystal Pendants

  1. Preciosa Crystal Heart Pendant

This exotic honey crystal heart pendant forms the perfect and romantic gift for that someone beloved in your life. This pendant also features an incredible honey-tinted crystal heart that is precision-cut to develop light-catching facets. You can consider pairing up this feminine design with the matching set of other body accessories to flash out a gorgeous fashion statement.

Crystal Pendants

  1. Crystal Clear Oval Pendant

A fluid and feminine silhouette with a contemporary twist, this charming oval pendant is the best accessory that offers a remarkable touch of class to any kind of outfit, whether it is day or night. The multi-faceted oval face of the pendant lends to a splendid range of reflective light, while crystal stone adornment makes another point of highlight for the eye to attract.

Exotic Crystal Pendants

  1. Preciosa Evelyn Crystal Clear Pendant

This exquisite piece of pendant is a timeless creation for all kinds of occasion. Add a great touch of charm to your wardrobe. The clear crystal prismatic shape and enormous precision-cut facets allows a display of attractive sparkle. The clear crystal adornment on the bottom right hand corner adds a touch of intrigue to make heads turn.

Round type Crystal Pendants

  1. Crystal Montana Purple Oval Pendant-laeli

Dripping with elegance and precision-cut, this crystal Montana pendant in purple color will make you crave the clear mountain. Its mesmerizing and dark hues of purple combined with its precision-cut facet makes this piece alive if light is reflected on it. It is perfect to wear this captivating piece of pendant for any sort of attire.

Crystal Pendants

  1. Crystal Clear Cube Pendant

Easy to wear and light pendant, this crystal clear pendant will truly steal the show with this charming glimmer and shine. The multiple facets of the crystal cube pendant enable light to excellently reflect from its surface, making a great sense of awe while it gorgeously dangle from pretty chain made of silver.

Exotic Crystal Pendants

  1. Crystal Aqua Cube Pendant

Display a splash around by heading out with this adorning piece of crystal aqua cube pendant. This precision-cut crystal pendant not only catches attention because of its more light-caching facets, but also its captivating aqua hue that lends to the glamour and uniqueness of this piece. You deserve to be noticed when you wear such a meticulously designed work of perfection.

Crystal Pendants Colors

  1. Blue-red Crystal Charming Triangle Pendant

Spruce up your look with this crystal triangle pendant. It features firey tones of red that seem to melt into chill ice blue effortlessly while its multiple facets transmit light to reflect in all the direction. The modern triangle shape of the pendant compliments the standard feel of the silver ball that is embedded with crystal, developing a modern look that splashes with any occasion.

  1. Crystal Claw Shaped Pendant

Move to the wild side by adoring this stunning piece of crystal claw pendant. It has a claw shape and possesses light-reflective tendencies that make up for an outstanding conversation starter because of its multiple facets that form the fine detailing of the precision-cut crystal.

  1. Crystal Aurora Borealis Everlasting Love Pendant

Head out in confidence to your next celebration in this aw-inspiring crystal drop pendant that is suitable for a queen. This striking pendant conveys charm through a really timeless design.


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