Create a different look with surgical steel BCR balls

316l surgical steel BCR ball
Create your personal style with surgical steel BCR balls that are perfect for any informal outing with friends or co-workers. These Ball closure rings are very much in rage as they break off the monotony of conventional piercing jewelries.

What are Ball Closure Rings?
Ball Closure Rings are the most popular piece of body jewelry that has caught everybody’s attention. Each BCR has a clip-in ball or captive bead attached to the little opening in the circle of the ring titanium captive. The captive ball is a bit larger in size than the opening and has small nicks which are at par to the end points of the ring. Thus the circuit is complete as the bead fits comfortably against these indentations. Sometimes for good fitting, a hole is created through the clip-in ball. This ball can be changed for other similar captive beads in different colors creating different looks every time. The ring is generally made of metals like stainless surgical steel or titanium so that the ball does not fall off easily and the beads are made of materials like surgical steel, glass, acrylic and other gemstones.

Why are BCRs so popular?
The BCRs are in vogue because of the easy removal process. You can just remove the bead from the enclosing and the ring will come out. Also, due to the circuit shape and round frame they are not likely to hold on to your outfit or hair and create problems. If you have had your ears or naval pierced, the BCRs can be ideal for you as they do not tamper with the healing process. You can be very sure of not losing the ring because as long as the bead is in the place, the ring will hold on firmly.

So this jewelry offers you with:

  • Trendy design and innovative look which will only receive compliments from every one.
  • Various sizes ranging from 3 to 6 mm.
  • A multipurpose piercing accessory which will go well with most kinds of piercings.
  • Easily washable product. Hence does not need much maintenance.
  • A smooth and glossy finish which looks good and feels equally good to wear.
  • They come at a very reasonable price.

If you want to try something quirky and out of the box, deck your piercing up with the BCR balls and see how heads turn!

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