Create a buzz with Rasta Marijuana Crystal stone UV Flesh Tunnel

Rev up your style with Rasta Marijuana Crystal stone UV Flesh Tunnel that can make you look gorgeous. The cool looking UV flesh tunnels are extremely light weight and being made from PMMA are extremely friendly to the skin. Move over to the cheaper option of giving yourself the refreshingly new look of UV Flesh Tunnel that comes in a wide array of colorful crystals that brightens up your attire. It is easy to unscrew the tunnels from the front and they sit comfortably on your ears. These UV flesh tunnels are suitable for all occasions and glow brightly during daylight as well as under UV light.2 stone

What is PMMA?
A little bit of chemistry will help you to understand what PMMA is. Chemically known as Polymethylmethacrylate, PMMA are synthetic polymers of acrylic acid and methacrylic acid which are commonly known as Acrylic resin or simply acrylics. This transparent thermoplastic is an ideal substitute for glass and is very well tolerated by the human skin without any side effects. Due to its skin friendly properties and dazzling looks, it is extensively used for body piercing jewelries.

Points of attraction

  • Rasta Marijuana Crystal stone UV Flesh Tunnel is rated very high in the attraction index due to its eye catching bright and exotic color combination that dazzles under light.
  • Available in pairs, these button like jewelries are priced very reasonably and are available in sizes of 10mm to 20 mm with good quantity discounts being offered for bigger lot size.
  • These jewelries do not need any maintenance and can be worn for all occasions.

Look gorgeous
Convenience and style has been beautifully blended in the UV flesh tunnels that are absolutely comfortable in wearing and gives that soft feel that makes you forget of what you have put on. This no complaint jewelry is gentle on the skin and adds an air of flamboyance to your style as it complements all kinds of attires.
Whether you are on a night out with your friends or attending a party, the Rasta Marijuana Crystal stone UV Flesh Tunnel will add a new dimension to your style statement that is classy and trendy at the same time. The UV Flesh Tunnel adds to the feel good factor and uplifts your spirit as the brightly illuminated jewelry will make you hold the center stage.

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