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Dermal Anchors with Half Ball

Dermal piercing is one of the upcoming fantastic ways to look stylish. This piercing gives you the best of both the worlds and you
get a long lasting piercing with low rejection rate, as well as a comfortable feel. The piercing involves implanting one part of the jewelry under the sub dermal tissue of the skin, while the other part of the jewelry remains visible G23 Grade Anodised.

Jeweled Butterfly Top Dermal Anchors

These absolutely stunning pieces of jewelry are available for various types of dermal piercing. Made of the bio-compatible
material these dermal body jewelry pieces not only have low rejection rates but they’re also safe for your skin. cat eye

Hip dermal piercing is one of the fantastic ways to show off your style, and this modern way of piercing is possible with the help of G23 Titanium base and SS top dermal anchors.

This type of piercing is done at the hipbone and needs a lot of care until it’s healed.

Grade 23 Solid Jeweled Titanium Dermal Tops

The snake bite piercing is also a great idea if you’re trying to look fashionable. This type of piercing usually involves the piece of
body jewelry penetrating the area around the lip. Snake bite piercing jewelry generally uses a Labret stud made up
of implant grade titanium or high-grade surgical stainless steel. Even though it has usually a long healing time of about 1-3 months, people are going for it considering the way this piercing accentuates your personality.

SS Disc Dermal Anchor Tops

Many people love to get a dermal piercing near the eye or under the eye. You must get it done with the help of an expert and thereby,
you can check our collection of colorful dermal piercing jewelry to give you a happening appearance.

You can check out various dermal anchors for eye dermal piercing jewelry of size 1.6X3mm – 1.6X5mm.

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