Cool and Trendy Jewelry at its Best: Pyrex Glass Multi Color Swirl Ear Plug

No matter which online store you visit to purchase body jewelry, you will find that they are created using different materials such as glass and plastic. However, as a discerning buyer, you should always keep in mind that not all glasses are appropriate for making body piercing jewelry. Similarly not every variety of plastic can be used to make a piece that you are going to use for a considerable period of time. Determining which one should be the material of your body piercing jewelry is a tough task and therefore you should always choose a trusted retailer to begin with.

Why Choose Pyrex Glass Body Piercing Jewelry?
When it comes to glass jewelry one has the option of choosing Pyrex glass. Pyrex glass multi color swirl ear plug is a great option for your ear piercings. This is also referred to as borosilicate glass at times and is ideal for body piercing jewelry. Its characteristics make it ideal for use as body jewelry for ear and other piercings. They are of superior quality, medical grade, lead free, tempered and non-porous.  The colors for Pyrex glass multi color swirl ear plugs are at times not that safe and may contain metal alloys. That is why they are covered in a layer of Pyrex glass so that an individual wearing the same remains unexposed to any material that can prove to be unsuitable for their skin.

Accessories Never Appeared More Colorful
The colorful Pyrex glass multi color swirl ear plugs are not only cool, trendy and vibrant, but can be easily carried off by any and everyone. They can complement your casual outfit pretty well. You can buy a whole set of these Pyrex glass multi color swirl ear plugs all at once so that you have one for every occasion. Also, buying body jewelry in bulk has its share of advantages as you may get the entire set at a discounted price.

Things to Remember Before you Buy Pyrex Glass Multi Color Swirl Ear Plug
However, before using Pyrex multi color swirl ear plug, one should remember a few things. Though these are bio compatible and non-toxic, these should not be used for piercings that are still fresh and have thus not healed fully. These are meant for only those piercings that have completely healed. It is also important that you choose a piece that is comparatively lighter as it will not hurt the pierced area.

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