Cool pewter finger ring in funky design

Finger Rings for men are not an easy find; particularly, if you are someone with a different fashion sense and particularly if you have a fascination for the Goth look. This is so much in vogue among the young and even the slightly older men. But here at, we have a wonderful collection of just the perfect rings to gift your boyfriend or if you are a guy, to buy for yourself. The pewter burning skull armor ring is one such unique piece.
You might be wondering about the metal pewter. It is not that uncommon as it sounds. Pewter comes in fact just after gold, silver and platinum, in terms of popularity. It is a metal alloy consisting of mostly tin and also other metals like antimony, copper and lead. However, since lead is damaging for skin, the pewter used to make jewelries and other products in recent time, is made free of lead. Pewter pieces can be found in the form of pendants, belt buckles and earrings too. With the renewal of the trend of introducing medieval objects for decoration which includes game figures, coins, collectible figurines, pewter has slowly climbed the chart of popularity.
This particular pewter ring is an asset to flaunt. With a burning skull engraved on the pewter surface, this ring would be a dream match with a punk look. This ring has a rough and edgy surface upon which the intricate details of the skull armor are carefully etched. In fact, it is because of the low melting point of the metal, that such ornate detailing is made possible on it.
The pewter jewelry of our store is essentially lead-free. We make it a point to showcase only lead free pewter rings after thorough research of jewelers and designers of metals.  It is best if pewter rings like this are worn for occasions. Regular wear is not advisable. It is very low maintenance too. You only need to wash the ring from time to time with mild soap and water. In case of corrosion, you can always have the ring polished back to shine again.
The price is pocket friendly when the durability and quality of the material is considered. You get rings like this for $6.99 per piece.
Pewter rings make for an uncommon fashion statement. If you love quirky styles and designs in jewelries, should be your destination.

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