Colorful Swirl Wood Ear Plug Body Piercing Jewelry- Grab One Now

Ear plugs are jewelry body piercing that is convenient doubly. While you can insert the short, cylindrical item of jewelry into your ear, you can also enhance and show off the beauty of your gold ear piercing by inserting it within. The slightly flared end is important for keeping this gorgeous ear plugs in place although it can be secured just as well by means of a tiny o-ring, usually not obvious.

Think out of the box if you are intent on showing the world how smart you are. The commonplace gem stones and precious metals are not for you as they are found in every body’s ear and you would like the world to sit up and take notice. Go for the unconventional looks then by opting for a colorful swirl made of wood that turns your pretty ears into a base for modern art.

Red, green, and yellow you have all the basic colors here. The design is kept in check by severe black lines that are thick enough to attract attention while being thin enough to let the colors flow freely. The best part of looking into the spectacular world of wooden jewelry that includes ear plugs is that you will be spoilt for choice.

Come on, just take a virtual tour at and you will not be able to log off without adding the lovely earrings to your shopping cart. Why not opt for more than a pair, now that you have fallen in love with it? Fret not, you do not have to make do with identical pairs. Pick the size you fancy from the range of 4mm to 22mm and give your pierced ears a grand treat. You are free to use them as gifts too. Most modern minded girls would be delighted at the opportunity of showing off their piercings earring in such a colorful way. The modest price of $3.29 per pair will make no difference even if you are still at school with 0 earnings on the way.

Don’t get flustered by the snob brigade, the ones who turn their noses up at the use of an inexpensive material like wood for jewelry. It is your right to tell them that this beautiful pair of swirl ear plugs is not only natural and biodegradable but extremely light weight too. You are; therefore, free to move around without having to let your ear lobes ache with the weight of gold and silver.

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