Climbing Man on Nipple Piercing Jewelry

Climbing Man on Nipple Piercing JewelryThere’s much more to life than the drudgery of work, work, and yet more work. You are perfectly justified to try and enliven it by infusing an element of excitement. Take a deep breath and approach the professional piercer who specializes in nipple piercing. You do not have to feel embarrassed in the least for the expert is a pro and will be just like your doctor who is honor bound to keep your visit confidential.

Don’t jump at the thought of injecting your life with something special at once though. Patience does pay and you have to wait for a minimum period of 9-12 months for your piercing to heal. You will only damage the delicate tissue rendering it incapable of threading jewelry, if you make haste here. Remembering and taking care of your new nipple piercing is another aspect that you must pay attention to. However, you are welcome to go shopping for gorgeous climbing man on nipple piercing jewelry in the meantime. Have a wonderful time doing it either alone or with your partner and bestie in tow.

Deciding on the type of nipple piercing jewelry is, of course, your prerogative. You and you alone have the right to choose the kind of nipple jewelry best suited for you. While a straight forward barbell is considered to be the perfect nipple jewelry for first time individuals who have no idea of what it feels like to wear an ornament through the delicate piercing on the nipple, you might be a bit more bold and go for a rounder or even a bent barbell that looks really cool against your macho chest, if you are a man or gorgeous breasts, if you happen to be a woman.

Is there a proper size for your nipple jewelry too? Well, the answer is yes! It is best to keep the length reasonable so that it doesn’t get caught in your underclothes. 19mm will do ideally, if you want to have a bent barbell going through your nipples. The balls at either end should not be too heavy either. 5mm is just fine though and will keep the jewelry securely fixed to your nipple even when you go dancing all night.

Your piercer may be the right person to advise you about the gauge but you are sure to be alright with 14g, something that the hugely popular online store, recommends. It is time to check on the price now and getting a lovely piece of art in the form of nipple jewelry at $1.49 is amazing indeed!

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