Clearance belly button rings

Undefined Mix of Titanium Double Jeweled Belly Ring  

If you are fun loving and are looking for bright colored fashionable belly buttons then read on! belly button rings are the rage for the sheer variety they offer! They add a splash of color to your outfit!  Because of the use of enamel they come in different color combinations, stripes, monochromes, and flash-you name they got it! titanium belly rings The most striking colors, however, are red, green and yellow- the primary colors which catch our eye, always!


Belly rings with Glow balls        Assorted Crystal stone Belly Ring        Assorted Ying Yang Collection Of Crystal stone Belly Ring

When it comes to size, an 8mm belly button ring is the most comfortable and most popular size used by average wearers. The bar
length of the belly button bar gives it the name. On an average, the length range begins from 6mm and goes on till 12 mm. But 8mm ones are the most comfortable. Amongst bar belly buttons the most exotic looking is the jeweled belly bar. A jeweled belly bar
can look extremely stunning because of its shape.

It dazzles so close to your skin that its radiating beauty is exotic!

The same holds true for jeweled belly button rings! The sheer mobility of a jeweled ring is enough to turn heads! The dazzle is amplified by its movement making it hard to resist! They are available in different colored stones like yellow, red, and green, blue, black and also crystals! So choose which color you wish to dazzle as today!

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