Clear, Sapphire and Green Color 9K Gold Ball End Nose Pins in Mini Box

Which woman doesn’t wish to look beautiful? We all know the answer to this rhetoric. Whether it is a tiny nose pin or a huge multi layered necklace women and also men sometimes love to flaunt their style and make a statement. A nose pin is a small ornament worn on the nostril which can amazingly change one’s appearance. Nose pins are brilliant tools to express personal style, taste and also some amount of attitude. Sexy nose pins make you look sensuous while the elegant ones give you a classic look. It is also noteworthy how different these can make you look from your regular self.
In some cultures like the Indian one a nose pin is of great significance for the Indian bride. In other cultures it is worn as part of the ritual while in some other cultures it is worn as a style accessory to complete the look. Whatever the reason may be, the fact remains that nose pins are accepted all over the world as a beautiful fashion accessory. The nose bones or nose pins with ball ends are a variety in a wide selection of nose rings/studs. These are flared on one end and help the small ornament to retain its position. The ball end 9k gold nose pins are advised to wear on healed piercings when it becomes easy to put it on and remove it. The flared end with the ball might be one gauge larger than the bar causing irritation to new piercings.
The advantages of wearing ball end nose pins are that the ball holds the pin in place without letting it fall and it is easy to wear and remove it on healed piercings unlike screws. Piercebody has brought an entire box of ball end nose pins made of 9k gold nose pins which is of high quality and flawless finish. Not just gold the pins also have gemstones like sapphire in different colors inside the box. The gemstones have been prong set so that they don’t fall off the nose pins. The sparkling gemstones have added more glamour to the classic nose pins. The pins are 6mm in length and only 22g in thickness making them easy to carry. The Czech crystals will shine brilliantly on your nose when you will wear one. You can choose any between clear, green and blue sapphire according to your preference.
So, don’t leave your nose out while selecting jewelry for yourself.

Author: pbblog

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