Clear Gem Surgical Steel Nipple Rouder- Wow the world!

Yes Wow it! You have managed to get your nipples pierced at last. It is important to wait out a year now for making the most of it. Sure, you have had a professional steel nipple piercing expert to see to it but wearing jewelry through a half healed piercing spells danger. It can lead to all sorts of infections and you only end up delaying the celebration of your cute piercing in the nipple (s) even further.

Start cleaning the area thoroughly and regularly as per the instructions given to you and wait for the day when your nipple piercing jewelry will be put to good use. Fret not, you do not have to sit back and cool your heels, waiting for D Day. You can have a blast shopping for some amazing nipple jewelry meanwhile. You may have excellent stores selling body piercing jewelry in your neighborhood but why should you bother to physically visit them one by one when you can get the best bargain from the comfort of your own home?

Yes, its, the superb online store specializing in piercing jewelry including spectacular adornment for the nipples. True, the straight barbells may be easier on your piercing but the nipple rounders are simply great when it comes to emphasizing your nipples. They are kept securely in place by the bar and ball combo and tend to highlight your nipples even when worn underneath your dress. Another advantage that you get to enjoy by opting for the clear gem surgical steel nipple rounder is the increase of sensitivity in your nipples. So, go on ahead and buy them for hours and hours of fun and frolicking on the bed with your partner. It is no wonder that the nipple piercings are deemed as the sexiest by all and sundry.

Be sure to check the size of the gauge though before you end up buying a jewelry that will keep slipping off the piercing. A 14g nipple barbell size will do admirably as the experienced makers at are aware while an 11mm size bar along with a 5mm ball is considered to be just perfect for a pierced nipple ready for jewelry.

It is time to check out the base metal now. It is made of 316L surgical steel and nothing can get better than that when it comes to thwarting infections and keeping allergies at bay.

The price of $3.44 sounds too good to be true so go ahead and make the most of this opportunity NOW!

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