Clear Black And Red Color 14k Gold L Shape Nose Pins In Mini Box

Clear,Black and Red Color 14K Gold L-Shape Nose Pins in Mini BoxPiercing your entire body and sporting jewelry may be the current trend yet the old adage ‘too much of anything is bad’ holds good here. Minimalist attitude is sure to gain you attention as well as make you stand out amongst the crowd. When it comes to piercing jewelry, ear rings are the commonest of them all. Nose jewelries are not too far behind either. It might be a good option to visit a place where hygiene and safety happens to be important. You surely do not want to go around with an infected nose piercing when all you coveted was a pretty clear nose stud.

Check around once your piercing has healed properly and your nose is ready for its first pin. A glittering stone set firmly in gold is the best adornment that you can have for starters. So go for the gold pins. Sure, solid gold with 24K purity might be a little beyond your reach especially if you are young and starting on a career. You just cannot ask your parents to pitch in without any rhyme or reason too. So go easy on the purity part and settle for 14K of solid gold. The color may not be too bright a yellow but it is elegant enough to warrant the respect that gold nose studs deserves. Another huge plus in setting for gold jewelry is its safety. True a 14K gold pin may not keep you away from skin irritations entirely especially, if you happen to be allergic to certain metals like nickel. However, you can always check with the jeweler and learn about the composition of your 14k  nose pin.

The best bet would, however, be to log into from the comfort of your own home. You are sure to be enchanted by the vast collection there and the gorgeous stone studded nose pins are sure to catch your fancy once you notice the play of colors and imagine how good it would look on your pierced nose. Just consider how lucky you can be when you see that you are entitled to 20 beautiful nose pins in L shape with 8 of them containing clear nose studs colored Czech crystal along with 6 pins of red and black colors. And you get all 20 in exchange for $50 only. It sure is unbelievable but then piercebody is always cost effective with 0 compromises made to its superior quality.

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