How to Choose a Nose Ring?

How to choose a nose ring?

Sporting a nose ring is a fashionable way to stand out and garner more attention. We often wonder how people look so cool and distinguished with their nose embellishments when we always end up with a wrong fit nose ring. A properly selected nose ring can certainly add an extra appeal to your personality.925 Silver Jeweled Tiny Gem Nose Stud

Choosing the right nose ring that goes with your facial features and reflects your personality is not a simple task. Here is a list of things that will guide you to buy the perfect nose stud for yourself:

The Material

  • Generally stainless steel, gold, sterling silver, titanium and acrylic are used for making nose rings. Platinum is also used but it can be little expensive.
  • Check out if you are allergic to any material that you plan to buy.
  • Go for properly finished studs as a defective nose stud can be uncomfortable and irritating or can cause permanent skin discoloration.

The Design

Nose rings are commonly available in nose bone, nose screw, L-shape and the hoop styles.

  • Nose bones are short, straight metal pieces with a slightly larger ball-like tip that holds them in place.
  • Nose screws have corkscrew-type curve at the end to hold them in position.
  • L-shaped nose rings are kept in place by a ninety degree bent made at the base.
  •  Hoops can either be moveable, with a tiny opening to prevent them from falling out, or fitted with a small disc at one end that keeps them in proper place.
  • Also fishtail nose rings are available that can be shortened, shaped and bent for custom fit.

The Gauge Size

It refers to thickness of your piercing. It is very important to know the correct gauge size to make sure the nose stud fits comfortably without slipping out. The standard gauge size for nose rings is 20 gauges which implies that the thickness of the portion of the ring that goes through the piercing is approximately 0.8 millimeters. Nose piercing thickness may vary from 18 gauges (1 millimeter thickness) to 22 gauges (0.65 millimeters thickness).

The Nose Ring Length

It is the length of the portion of the nose ring that passes through your piercing, excluding the gem or adornment. It is measured from the base of the gem or adornment to the curve or bent.

  • Standard ring length is about 6 millimeters. But for those with slightly thinner or thicker nasal cartilage, rings of length 5 millimeters and 7 millimeters are easily available.
  • Fishtail studs can be used for better fit.
  • In case of nose hoops, sizing is not measured as length but instead as diameter. The standard size varies from 8 millimeters to 10 millimeters.

The Decoration

The size, type and color of the gem or decoration of your nose ring together determine the aesthetic appeal of your nose ring. A large nose can be embellished with a gem of considerable size whereas a basic sterling silver stud is enough to adorn a small nose. Think about how much attention you want to be drawn to the nose ring. Gold or silver rings get less attention than colorful, shimmering gems.

Now that you know all the aspects of choosing the right nose ring, pick the one for yourself at and enhance your look by adorning a nose embellishment!


Author: Aaron Benson

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