Cheap Flesh Tunnels with Casting Dragon Screw Fit

How to Choose a Reliable Cheap Flesh Tunnels

An ear expander looks cool especially wcheap flesh tunnels designshen it hugs your ears. In the form of an exotic creature like the dragon. It is believe to be a creature that brings good luck and prosperity. Your ear adornment may actually benefit you spiritually much more than materially. It might be a good idea to opt for the dragon as a talisman though. You would also be unique in sporting a flesh tunnel instead of a pendant or ring. With a pair of magnificent dragons cheap flesh tunnels watching over you night and day.

It is not difficult to get a pair like the one above. As you can easily find it by peeping into the online store. Sure, it is made of stainless steel but it is nothing like an ordinary piece of jewelry that gleams and dazzles. The casting metal finish makes it much more advantageous for you and you get to enjoy displaying the flesh tunnels at an inordinately cost effective rate. It is also a great way of obtaining identical articles at one go and gives you the added option of ordering these gorgeous cheap dragon flesh tunnels at a wholesale rate.


Cheap Flesh Tunnels Sizes

cheap flesh tunnels sizesThe sizes may vary though making it more convenient for you to sport a range of dragons in all sizes starting from 8 mm to 20 mm. Go ahead and buy a handful to distribute this superb workmanship to all your friends and acquaintances. They are please beyond reason. What is more, you can keep a small collection for yourself and adorn your ear piercings with different sizes of the cast dragon depending on your present mood.

It is definitely going to be a steal at $2.89 per pair but wait, there is a catch here! You can only order the dragon flesh tunnels, if you want 4 pairs at a time. Not a problem for you, surely as you have already made up your mind to buy more. You need to pay a trifle more for the really large casting dragon screw fit flesh tunnels though. The additional rate is miniscule. It also paying up to $1.20 extra for a 20mm piece of casting jewelry is hardly likely to make a dent in your savings.

You must have a fair idea of the casting process by now. You can make it yourself too but think of require high temperature to melt the metal. It is also the number of precautions that you have to take. It is best to grab the opportunity offered by, therefore and go out in style.

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