Charming Crowned Owl Silver Navel Belly Bar

Piercing your navel and showing off your mid riff has become quite popular of late. The trend is not gender specific either so do not hesitate to insert this exotic looking crowned owl silver navel belly bar through your piercing and declare your style statement in a bold and brassy way. Your buddies are surely going to flip when they catch you hanging out with a cute belly button jewelry showcasing your piercing to the world. What a high that is going to be! You are sure to feel like the king of all you survey.
No worries if you happen to be a member of the fair sex either. The attention catching silver owl is surely going to bowl over all your friends and admirers alike. It is a given thing that the curious owl tucked into your belly button will keep you so pleased that you will not have the urge to look elsewhere for variety either.
Do not freak out at the thought of keeping your jewelry clean especially when it is made of sterling silver. A simple cleaning foam will do. Just apply it to the dirty parts and rub vigorously to get rid of the grimy spots and you will be astounded to see a gleaming owl emerge slowly. No wonder you have fallen in love with it!
The silver charm is not the only metal in your navel though. You have a titanium in the bar and ball that is actually inserted into your skin. There is no need to look alarmed at this piece of news though. Titanium happens to be completely safe and hypoallergic. You are not going to invite infections by opting for it either. One of the most important advantages that the metal has is its durability. Your owl charm will not have a single dent or scratch in the bar and ball area making it very convenient for you to keep wearing it day in and day out. Titanium is also believed to be blessed with health giving powers and you might be tickled pink to know that wearing titanium in any part of your body helps you to get rid of aches and pains in the long run.
The best part of purchasing this extraordinarily cute owl charm is its affordability. True, the jewelry owes its cost effectiveness to titanium instead of sterling silver but buying the belly bar in bulk will help you to earn a healthy discount as well.

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